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This group is for singles in the Denver/Boulder area looking to connect and socialize with others interested in personal and spiritual growth.

Our group meets for a wide variety of social events in the Denver/Boulder area. We invite you to join so that you can share your interests in spirituality, consciousness, meditation, metaphysics, the Law of Attraction, mindfullness, holistic health and transformation.

Events include interesting lectures, classes, movie nights, parties, discussion groups, dancing and game nights. As we grow we would love to have a variety of organizers. We offer a diverse calendar of events for members to meet, connect and share. Please message us if you are interested in organizing an event.

Our intent is to create a supportive and empowering space to share activities, meet new friends or someone special. Lets grow together.

We have a Facecbook group as well where we post inspirational messages and helpful videos on relationship skills every week. The Facebook group is at: https://www.facebook.com/Spiritual-Growth-Singles-Denver-Boulder-504742149945834

Egan is the founder and organizer of this group. He is an intuitive coach and counselor and creater of Attract It! - the Law of Attraction board game.

Upcoming events (5+)

Workshop: Dating From the True You

Louisville Fire Department (LFPD) Station 1


True love requires truth - knowing and living from your whole truth, and finding someone who cherishes the true you. Would you like to: - constructively share joys and challenges of dating - connect authentically from the heart to be more fully yourself - identify what really matters to you about dating - gain insight into how to date with greater integrity, honesty, and compassion - find empowering ways to be your true you, and compassionate with others' true selves In this interactive workshop, we’ll focus on the inner work that is necessary to show up authentically in relation with others. You will have the chance to look into your heart, and talk with a variety of people, deciding how deeply you want to share each time. We are called to be self-connected, empowered, and self-responsible, to make choices freely, and hold ourselves and others with compassion. From this space, we naturally long to contribute to each other in healthy, loving relationships. It’s time to discover another layer of the "you" who shows up when you date. From this self knowledge, you can love yourself a little more honestly and deeply, so you maintain the courage to go forward as your true you! Volunteers Needed! Message Beth to help out for reduced price or free admission. Investment: $20 20% of the proceeds will go to charity Reserve your space by paying here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8VLH763Q6PT44 Arrive by 6:15 to register and get a good parking spot. Parking is available on the street or in the school parking lot across the street. Do NOT park behind the fire house; that is for employees.

Workshop: How To Be A Phenomenal Dater

Full Moon Books & Event Center


Do you feel lost and confused in the dating world? Do you want to learn how to ALWAYS be dating your partner? If so, join us for this 90 minute workshop to learn how to become a PHENOMENAL DATER! Over the years, we have seen singles struggle with the skills needed to be successful in the dating world. This workshop is specifically designed to focus on helping you learn the four ways to become a phenomenal dater. These crucial skills will help you get off the dating merry-go-round and feel more confident in your dating abilities. Come learn how to enjoy a fun dating life and then keep the relationship alive, exciting and satisfying. Be someone people admire and find attractive. This workshop will be delivered by Suzanne Muller-Heinz and Monica Edwards. Suzanne is an International Dating & Love Life Coach, Speaker and the Author of the book Loveable, 21 Practices for Being in a Loving & Fulfilling Relationship. Monica is a Transformational Success Coach with expertise in Dating, Relationships, Pre-marital and Marital coaching. She also has a solid background in Natural Health, Nutrition and Weight loss. **Suggested donation $10 - $20 (helps with room cost) Parking is free in the lot. Additional parking is available to the left of Full Moon Books behind the stores.

Discussion Group: Relationships

Christ the Servant Lutheran


Relationships - we love them, we hate them, and sometimes we're not sure how to navigate them. We all have relationships, whether it's with ourselves, a romantic partner, at work, or the family. Let's celebrate our relationships deeply, support each other with the challenges, and start to envision and create the relationships we long for. This discussion group will be facilitated, with the intention of creating a confidential, welcoming space for everyone, in which we feel free to open up, share, have a sense of humor, and learn and grow. We'll hold the intention to share the talk time, speak from the heart and our own experiences, and be present with each other, offering empathetic listening, and insight into new perspectives. We'll refrain from offering intellectual analysis of what others say, 'fixing', or giving unsolicited advice. We trust that each person will get what they need. As a trained communication expert, Beth may invite people to connect more deeply with themselves or empathize with the person in the relationship they want to address; however everyone is free to open up at the level they're comfortable. Donation: $10 To pay for space & facilitation. Noone will be turned away for lack of funds. Just come, and give if you're able. About Beth: Beth has studied and practiced Empowered Compassionate Communication and Mindfulness since 2005, including year-long teacher trainer programs in both modalities. She is passionate about creating a world in which everyone matters, where we are open to the flow of life energy and creatively meeting our needs, and we are inspired to contribute to a more wonderful world. She has shared mindfulness and communication work with over 250 people. NOTE: This is Memorial Day weekend, so if you'd like to have a picnic afterward, or host a BBQ, please message Beth.

Benefit Garden Concert in Lafayette

225 Beacon Hill Dr


Jeanne is a new member of our group and suggested this benefit garden concert. A portion of all ticket proceeds will go to help Education Elevated support the girls' hostel at the Chyangba Village in Nepal. To learn more about Education Elevated or to purchase tickets please visit: www.educationelevated.org Come out for a truly splendid night under the stars: Cost: $35 per ticket Where: 225 W Beacon Hill Drive, Lafayette, Kier Residence,[masked]. Entertainment: Enjoy some great music featuring songs from the John Byrne Band - Celtic/Folk music - guitar, banjo, bodhran, fiddle, cello. www.johnbyrneband.com What to Bring: Lawn chair, blanket, favorite drinks (soft or hard), light jacket. Food: A food truck will be on site for you to purchase dinner. Auction: Come ready to bid on some unique items in the Silent Auction.

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Singles Speak Discussion: Confidence

Whole Foods Market

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