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This group is for singles in the Denver/Boulder area looking to connect and socialize with others interested in personal and spiritual growth.

Our group meets for a wide variety of social events in the Denver/Boulder area. We invite you to join so that you can share your interests in spirituality, consciousness, meditation, metaphysics, the Law of Attraction, mindfulness, holistic health and transformation.

Events include interesting lectures, classes, movie nights, parties, discussion groups, dancing and game nights. As we grow we would love to have a variety of organizers. We offer a diverse calendar of events for members to meet, connect and share. Please message us if you are interested in organizing an event.

Our intent is to create a supportive and empowering space to share activities, meet new friends or someone special. Lets grow together.

We have a Facebook group as well, https://www.facebook.com/Spiritual-Growth-Singles-Denver-Boulder-504742149945834

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FREE Kick-off for Creating Wellness Together Conference

Online event

Woohoo, it’s 2022! Let’s celebrate by learning new practices to be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.

Come meet 8 expert facilitators who will be sharing wellness information and exercises to serve your mind, body, and soul! Topics include relationships, communication, taming your critic, calming with art, yoga, mindfulness, storytelling, self-talk, living a fulfilled life, and increasing your energy and joy.

You will also have the opportunity to create meaningful connections by meeting in small groups with other participants.

Join us Sunday January 23rd from 4-530p. FREE and open to all. You will see the Zoom link once you click you will attend. Looking forward to seeing you there!

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FULL WEEKEND EVENT, “Creating Wellness Together: Wellbeing in Relationships, Work, and Fun,” which will be held the following weekend, January 29th and 30th from 9a-5p by checking out our registration page www.marlapress.com/wellness-conference

How to Tap into Higher Dimensions Practice and Healing Group

Needs a location

Lynda Thayer from Radiant Healing Center is inviting you to start 2022 to create a new uplifting pattern that rewrites your old conditioned programs. Those programs that keep you stuck from living your purpose and passion.

This new pattern is about playing and PRACTICING on how to tap into the higher dimensions. It is about harmonizing with the energy of like minded people who want to see the truth of who we are, what we are and our purpose.

A great quote from Law of Attraction Abraham which describes part of what I want us to achieve-
"Source is there for everyone at all times. We are always there. And so when you are aware of the presence of Source and when you are not offering a vibration that prevents you from your alignment with Source, then you have those wonderful moments. And you can do that all the time. And people refer to those who are doing that as masters. But all of you can do that. It is the mastery of focus. That is what it is."

I am inviting you to join: How to Tap Into Higher Dimensions Practice and Healing Group.

What you will get -
Feeling of connection with all that is, insight, inspiration or answers to your current challenges. Energetic clearing of subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck. Practice with tapping into higher dimensions to connect with your spirit support group.

What it is -
My intention is to create a small group (Limited #) of like minded people who are on a spiritual path of self growth. Who want to be reminded and to practice the truth of who and what we really are. People who are interested in learning and experiencing more of their true soul purpose. This will be a safe, non judgmental, leave your ego’s at home gathering.

We will start with a group intention for the evening. There is power in groups! The intention might include getting an answer or inspiration to a challenge you are struggling with or possibly being shown what is keeping you stuck. We can decide on the intention as a group but each person will get their unique answer from spirit.

There will be a short discussion or questions on one selected topic. A topic might include: what is true forgiveness? What is Ego? What is Enlightenment. What happens after our bodies die?

Each gathering I will facilitate one or more healing exercise to assist in raising our vibration to connect with high vibration energies - Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, and/or Masters.

Some of the exercises include:
Ancient chakra meditations, Guided meditations, Sound healing with crystal bowls and singing bowls, EFT Tapping, Breathing exercises, Group Past Life Exploration, and Energy Medicine exercises to balance chakras and meridians.

To find out more about Lynda Thayer - RadiantHealingCenter.com

WHEN - Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month
January 25th, February 8th, 22nd, etc…

TIME: 6:30pm - 8pm

LOCATION: To be announced to attendees, in - Erie, CO

WHAT TO BRING: Your curiousity, questions, open mindedness, and wear comfortable clothing, and warm socks.

FREE event, donations for hosting and facilitation welcomed!

Self Care in Times of Crisis: An Interactive Workshop

Online event


Register here to receive the Zoom linke on the day of the event:

What does self care really look like in times of crisis? If you were affected by the Marshall Fire, or some other crisis recently, your old blueprints for self care probably went out the window pretty quickly. How do you manage self care when your whole world really has been turned upside down? This is no time to beat yourself up over old visions of self care.

It’s time to find new ways to navigate life and all the unknowns around you. Your self care is no longer a one person job. We can build a team and engage in community to nourish our whole, interconnected selves. Let’s be present as we are, and find ways to cultivate wise compassion, caring for ourselves and each other.

In this interactive workshop, Beth will share insights on redefining self care for times of crisis in ways that are realistic and that honor the profound effects a crisis can have on one's life. She'll invite participants to refrain from "gratitude shaming," "toxic positivity," or "vicarious probing." Instead we'll focus on being present together and allowing space for "what is."

You do not need to be a Marshall Fire survivor to attend, but please be sensitive and compassionate if you come in a support role. See my article on "allowing what is" to learn more about my approach, at the FB link below. https://www.facebook.com/beth.eldridge.37

Investment: $20 for 1 session or $60 for the whole day
If you feel drawn to this session but are unable to pay the $20, message me directly at [masked] to make another arrangement.

This event is part of a larger Wellness Weekend with 8 expert teachers. Both organizers were evacuated for the fires, but are back in our places. We'd love for you to check out all the workshops here:

9:00-10:30a Art to Calm the Nervous System
11:00a-12:30p Personal Stories for Professional Settings
1:30-3:00p Self Care in Times of Crisis
3:30-5:00p Living Your Fulfilled Life

9:00-10:30a Tame Your Inner Critic
11:00a-12:15 Gentle Yoga (with Lisa Pettitt)
1:00p-2:30p The Stories We Tell and the Barriers They Create
3:00p-4:30p Turn Your Relationships Into "Elationships"

Register here to receive Zoom the day of the event.

(photo by Monis Yousafzai on Unsplash)

Intimacy Retreat: Soulful Relating Retreat

Online event



Event Details:
The entire Soulful Relating weekend retreat is designed to clearly show you the patterns and habits that unconsciously sabotage connection, intimacy and passion. Understand the foundation of intimate relationships through embodied wholeness and the true masculine-feminine dance.

This powerful and transformative weekend filled with other conscious men and women, like you, will radically shift your relationship with love and intimacy.

You'll walk away with a more open heart for intimate loving and know how to step into the truth of you - knowing your capacity to give and receive love - while attracting (or re-attracting) your soulmate.

A Note to Singles:
...before you meet someone amazing – turn up your confidence, your clarity, your love… and even your sexiness.

When you're still single is the time to decide that you’ll never again settle, sell yourself out, or twist yourself into a pretzel to find or keep love.

It doesn’t work if you wait to figure out all this relating “stuff” until after you’ve met your “One”.  That’s too late.  You want to bring this wisdom, skill and experience to your next date… to your next relationship rather than fumbling through those initial conversations, your first time in bed together, and even your first fight.

Gateway to Conscious Relating

Set amidst the stunning backdrop of conscious singles and couples coming together committed to soulful relating. This all-inclusive weekend (all questions welcome) offers a quiet respite for our hectic daily life, to explore connection, re-connection, intimacy and passion. You'll arrive at our virtual location, our interactive Zoom room, and in moments you'll experience the welcome embrace of like-minded souls on the journey to soulful relating and conscious relationships.

Learn more here: Learn more here:

(Also please note that people register for this event from not just MeetUp but from around the world. There will be between 25 and 35 people at the retreat.)

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