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This is a safe group for anyone interested in exploring the Chakras, Reiki, Energy Work, Intuition and Self-transformation through various modalities and Meditation workshops.

I started this group to bring like-minded individuals together who are interested in spiritual growth, emotional wellness and exploring their unique gifts. I'm looking forward to exploring and expanding our awareness together. Feel free to check out my website at www.holisticjourney.ca.



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Reclaim your Power! Cord Clearing Meditation Workshop

Holistic Journey


Reclaim your Power with this Cord Clearing Meditation Workshop! Finding Peace In Relationships. Do you often find yourself feeling drained or lacking in energy? Is there someone that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about no matter how much you try to let them go? Do you have a relationship or situation (past or present) in your life that feels unresolved, challenging, stressful or even traumatic? When you have a significant relationship with someone, or an impactful experience involving another person, an energetic cord is created. Each day that we interact with people, new or old, we naturally even without realizing attach etheric cords of emotional energy to each other. The connection can be both a positive one, containing any happy, easy, joyful soul lessons of your relationship or a negative attachment, which contains all the difficult or heavy energies which often leave you feeling sluggish, depressed, vulnerable, angry or sad. The negative energies that flow between you and the other person can affect your emotional health. Healing and clearing this negative cord helps you to limit how much influence the negative patterns of a relationship/encounter – past or present – have on you. Sometimes its just about create healthy boundaries in your life, cord clearing is an extremely effective process to fast-track the healing and resolution of all negative relationships, situations, and feelings. I invite you to release these toxic energetic patterns by clearing/healing these attachments allowing your soul to be free and balanced and regain your breathing space. This class will end with a Meditation. Please register through this link to secure your space! http://holisticjourney.ca/classes-workshops/healing-meditation-evenings/

Reiki Master Teacher (Advanced Level III Included)

Holistic Journey

Reiki Master/Teacher Level III At the Master level, the student learns the Reiki Level III attunement which increases the strength of the Reiki energy. This class is the final step to becoming a Reiki Master based on the principles of Dr. Mikao Usui. This 2-day course covers: How to teach Reiki I, II and Reiki Master levels How to give attunements for all three levels Further Developing your Intuition The Reiki Grid Aura Clearing More sophisticated healing techniques How to build a Reiki business For more info and to Register visit http://holisticjourney.ca/classes-workshops/reiki-training/

Reiki Level I & II Practitioner Certification and Developing your Intuition

Reiki I and II Practitioner Certification - Develop your Intuition Reiki I and II are taught together over two consecutive days where you will receive both attunements. Saturday, April 27th and Saturday, May 4th PLEASE VISIT WEBSITE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AT: http://holisticjourney.ca/classes-workshops/reiki-training/ The key focus on Reiki Level I is self-healing and helping others. On completion of this level, you will be able to administer Reiki to yourself and to those closest to you. Day-1 course material covers: History and principles of Reiki Each student experiences a Reiki attunement to connect to the Reiki source. Energy scanning Learn basic hand positions to complete a self-treatment seated treatment and table treatment. Reiki Level II integrates further attunements to allow the practitioner to participate in distant healing and to deal with mental and emotional healing. Through these energy transmissions, your own energy is refined and your ability to channel energy is heightened. Day-2 course covers: Reiki distant healing Reiki Level II attunements Developing your intuition Reiki II power symbols Methodologies to help your clients remove their emotional and mental block. Includes: Manual Certification of completion Snacks and water A wonderful weekend of self-discovery and wellness!

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