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Theta Healing Basic Course
This 3-day class will be taught by Theta Healing Master and Cert of Science, Jennifer Main, and introduces the student to the Basic techniques needed to commence working as a Theta Healing Practitioner. The class is 75% hands-on to allow you to be validated as you practice. Students have the opportunity to understand and develop intuitive senses which allows clarity and understanding of the self and the surrounding world, both physical and energetic. Pre-requisite: None The 5 brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Gamma Subconscious limiting beliefs and feelings The Theta Healing Technique Muscle testing and locating limiting beliefs within the subconscious Gene Therapy and 12-strand DNA Activation The true power of your thoughts and language in your life Locating and replacing limiting beliefs and feelings with positive, to transform your life Aligning your conscious and subconscious to achieve your goals Access infinite knowledge and wisdom to enhance your life Chakras and Psychic Senses Attract abundance into your life Scan the body, Read your future, Guardian Angel readings Manifesting your life in the highest and best way Seven Planes of Existence Clear radiation, Self Healing, Group Healing After attending the Basic DNA course, you are invited to join me on the Advanced course, which will be taught in November! Testimonials “When I first came to Theta Healing, I had no conception of the extent of what was possible in my own potential. After the first day, I already felt like a new person, except it was much more like coming back to who I really always was. By the end of the weekend, I felt like I had a new life within my current circumstances, and that it was the life I had always wanted to live. After the Basic DNA course, Theta Healing felt like coming home” -ES “My favourite part of the course was acknowledging how my body receives psychic information. The instruction and knowledge went above my expectations. Jennifer presented effectively with free flow, and teaching to the pace and students’ knowledge, spot on!” -AR “Jen brought a feeling of ease and joy to all the material, which made it easy to absorb and move forward. I really appreciate her playfulness along with her deep understanding of the material. Thank you Jen!” -DC “The whole experience was amazing. My favourite part would be realising my true potential and path. The course exceeded my expectations. Jennifer is wonderful, and her teaching style is perfect. I felt relaxed, and grounded in her class.” -SL Investment: The full course investment is £435.

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34 Bread St · Edinburgh

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    This group involves monthly meditation and day workshops, offering exploration for anyone interested in the journey to balance, clarity, and Soul embodiment. Each will provide space for exploration within yourself and the energy around you. The intention is to resolve old beliefs and feelings that are are weighing you down, and create spaciousness for new vibration and experience.

    Each session will have a new theme or focus, each its own unique experience. These will be posted in the individual events, and will include: Soul Embodiment, Engaging your Psychic Senses, Connecting with Ancestors and Understanding your DNA, Calling in Soul Family, Connecting with Archangels and Ascended Masters, Conscious Creation of your Life, Soul Purpose and Calling

    I am honoured to have you join us, thank you for contributing and enhancing evolution for us all. <3

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