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Hello dear spiritual friends!

We invited Sunder Devi to present at our September event.

Sunder Devi is a spiritual motivator with over 50 years’ spiritual experience and loves teaching people that 'Life Is A Living Ceremony'.
She is spending her life between Australia, India, America and the Netherlands teaching, doing workshops and being a life coach.

Sunder Devi is also a Medicine Woman Shamanic, Healing Ceremony and a Sweat Lodge Drum Making.
She lived in many countries, immersing herself in the culture where ever she went and believes her workshops and teachings are always shared from this life experience.

Born with a hole in her heart and died on the operating table at 5 years old, she had an out of body experience where she went to heaven and played in a garden then an angel came and took her to an elderly person with a long white bearded who told her to go back to the world. She then woke up in her body. At the age of 6 she went into trance while in a room full of people, contacting spirits and this experience opened up a gate for her, and angels started to visit her.

She also grew up around aboriginal elders who taught her how to connect with Spirit. Her knowledge grew and eventually her life's path took her to India where she lived and studied with Guru Masters for 4 years. During her time there they taught her Shakti - healings and Meditation. She returned to Australia and began teaching what she had learnt. She also started writing for a number of spiritual Magazines.

Sunder also went to the USA in the mid-nineties where she met with Native Indians and trained in sacred ceremony. She still reside half the year in the USA working with them.
In 2008 she travelled to Peru where she began to study Peruvian Shamanism and their customs, adding another aspect to her worldwide spiritual experience.

Throughout her life Sunder have dedicated her time helping others in need, and this is where she finds her inner sanctum.

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