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Your Life is in Your Hands with Anna Kowalska
There is more to life, and you are here for a reason, a purpose only you can fulfill. If you are wondering "what am I here for?", "what's the reason for doing anything?", "why are these things happening in my life?" Lets take a look at what's in your HANDS with Scientific Hand Analysis. The shape of your hands, setting of your fingers, the lines in your hands and patterns on your fingerprints, are all a clue to who you are and who you came here to be, this lifetime. Scientific Hand Analysis is not future foretelling tool, it’s a science based system, which informs how you are wired and how you can best use your gifts to fulfill your soul’s purpose. It is also a tool that shows you your place to focus in your life right now, where you have the most potential for growth and what areas of your life and/or what unique gifts are ready right now for you to use. AT THIS EVENT WE WILL FOCUS ON YOUR EARTHLY INITIATIONS At the soul level you came here to focus on a very specific experiences, initiations that make your human experience fulfilling. At this time of awakening, each of us must know what role we came here to play, how we fit into the collective experience and how to live in a way that serves us. Your hands are the map to your best self and best life! 2019 is the year to step up your human experience. RSVP (with payment $15 and show up! In loving service (my initiation) to your Soul Purpose, Anna

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Experience soul shifts, get answers, awaken your spirit, balance your chakras, clear your energy...the world isn't what it is, it is how YOU are. So many believe its hard, I'm here to tell you've forgotten this is suppose to be fun. You've forgotten to use your spiritual tools. You've forgotten to use your angels, guides, animals, and super-powers. You've forgotten you chose to live this time, dimension, space, and reality. This tribe is for those that want to experience all life has to offer, get different perspective, serve the community, have a soul family, and grow for the highest good.

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