Practical Magic Self Care 101: Self-Healing Through Writing and Affirmations

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Join us for this new 4-week course that is designed to introduce new tools and new practical methods on how to better take care of your mind, body and spirit. Through the magic of self-care, you can help create a better more fulfilled version of you!

Self-care is vital to your life and in learning to take care of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health it will give you the fuel to live a happy, healthy and productive life.

Week 1: Self-Healing Through Writing and Affirmations

Writing has been an essential component through my own journey of self- discovery and self-care. Writing can create a similar state to meditation and through writing one can heal, reprogram and rewire the brain. Writing helps the healing and grief process. Writing helps hone in your observation, giving you a better understanding on your life.

This 1st week we'll cover some basic tips; outlines and guides that can help you enrich your self-care practice through writing and journaling. We will end the night with a candle light writing meditation so do not forget your notebook and yoga mat!


10/8 WK 1: Self-Healing Through Writing and Affirmations
10/15 WK 2: Essential Oils and Crystals
10/22 WK 3: You Are What You Eat (Nutrition)
10/29 WK 4: Healing Through Oracle Cards