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Pomona, CA

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Jan 9, 2013


My name is Magda, I am Certified Life Coach, Clairvoyant whose studied Reiki & Numerology. Im looking to strengthen my energetic connections as well as share what I've learned with those open :)

Would you be interested in Leading or simply participating in the group?

I can lead certain groups, but I and am eager to learn from others.

What part of your spirituality if anything are you looking to strengthen or develop?

I would love to Introduce Sound Bowl and Drumming Meditations to this neighborhood. I look forward to practicing Astral Travel and further my experience in Energetic Healings. Ive always been drawn to psychometry, quantum healing, chi gong, the list is endless, and im hoping to find people on a journey and Masters alike to set up a warm, loving and safe place to meet and share.