What we're about

Mission Statement:

We are a group of seekers who choose to explore with community to see what unites us rather than what separates us. To share tools and techniques to aid one another on our spiritual journey. Our core values are compassion, empathy, non-judgement, and curiosity. All who abide by these values are welcome.


We make a commitment to foster a community that does not sell or solicit anything, abstains from judgement or thoughtless critique, and embrace transparency in intention and action. There are no hidden agendas, just a desire for community first and growth second.

Meeting Structure:

As we grow in group size I would like our meetings to always involve sharing and discussion for one half, and action or learning in the last half. In this way we practice contemplation and action. Some ideas for future meetings would be:




-Reiki/Energy Healing

-Martial Art Instruction

-Book Club/Discussion

-Anything else the group wishes to explore!

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