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For those of us who have felt an internal pull or drive toward something greater than ourselves, something that religion purports to reveal in theory but for which it seems to fall short in practice, we generally embark upon a journey, seeking answers to what that “something greater than ourselves” may be. We hear terms such as enlightenment, awakening, liberation, and the sort, and we think, “Yes, I want that!” So we read everything we can from writers and sages of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Gnosticism, kabbalah, Christian mysticism, and/or esotericism (and possibly many other -isms) and begin such practices as meditation, yoga, chanting, mindfulness, visualizations, and a host of others in hopes of having that big insight, epiphany, awakening or whatever it is that provides the answer to the question that drives us. But what we usually end up with is a head full of nebulous ideas, chronic seeking, and frustration.

Isn’t it time we stop and ask ourselves the question, “If I’m a spiritual seeker, shouldn’t I know exactly what I’m seeking and how to go about finding it?” After all, what good is seeking if you never find. When we played hide-and-seek as kids, the objective was to find our friends and/or family members that were hiding. If we never found anyone, the game would lose its appeal and wouldn’t be worth playing. The same is true of the spiritual search; if we never find what we are looking for, or if it takes “many lives” to find it, or countless years of experimenting with numerous practices in vain, what is the point? Where is the enjoyment in that? Shouldn’t our spiritual lives and practices bring true insight, enjoyment, happiness, and, dare I say, fun?

The purpose of this meetup group is to begin asking ourselves these and more questions and to earnestly and fervently inquire into this mystery that we seek until we find it. Together we can strip away misconceptions, debunk false claims and delusions that hinder progress, demystify the concepts of awakening, enlightenment, etc., and see for ourselves both what it is we are seeking and who it is doing the seeking. Some of the topics/questions we will explore together over the course of our meetups include:

1. What am I actually seeking anyway, and why?

2. Demystifying enlightenment, awakening and liberation.

3. Becoming aware of the inner judge.

4. Meditation - the who, what, why, and how of the practice.

5. Science and spirituality: the best of friends.

6. Who am I, and who is asking?

7. Does any “-ism” have a monopoly on this enlightenment thing?

8. Exploring the wide world of consciousness.

9. Navigating the Spirituality marketplace: Buyer beware!

10. Becoming a better person: Better at what? Better than whom? What's wrong with you now?

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