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Insight Development Mediumship Meditation Circle -Ongoing
Our regular Thursday Circle has been meeting every week since 2014. Thursday's class has bonded, beautifully, and been very successful. Those who have made the commitment, who do their homework and show up regularly have strengthened their identities and experienced changes in their perspectives, their abilities and in their daily lives. It is life-changing! This is a closed group but, occasionally, there are openings. This WEEKLY CLASS OFFERS a proven method for developing your psychic talent, a progressive way to heighten your experiences and perceptive reading ability through meditation. Some of the most famous mediums and channelers were trained in this method. It is designed to for the serious seeker and devotee; to attract those who wish to transform their lives; and, to uncover skills, techniques and a new way of looking at things. Stop your Conference Hopping! Not another class, book or tele-seminar that leaves you with lots of information but without developing your "knowing"… Believing and trusting are replaced with your “truth” because you have questioned it, felt it, seen it, understood it and, now, know it! Through this, you will LEARN TO: relieve daily stress; make better choices; better handle "challenges"; heal yourself at a soul level, and promote balance, harmony, clarity and focus in your everyday life. The PURPOSE OF THE EXERCISE is to stimulate and challenge you to step beyond your current limitations, to trust you are part of the Divine essence and that you are connected to G-d, your Angels and loved ones who have passed over. For Beginners and the Experienced. Move at your own pace with the support and heightened sensitivities of the group environment. This is a continuous class. ** Your Level of Growth is Equal to the Level of Your Commitment ** FEE - The charge for this class, across the world, averages $20 per session; however, anyone committed to their evolvement is welcome. No one will be turned away. A sliding scale CASH Donation is Suggested of $10 - $15 - $20 in order to keep the ebb and flow of energy moving, to help defray costs and to allow services to continue for all. Kindly, notify Robin in order to make other arrangements if you are unable to pay a minimum of $10 per class. Volunteering opportunities are available as an exchange for the time, energy and wisdom you will receive. AHEAD OF TIME: You must receive a detailed Description and Protocols, in advance. Explanations & Objectives will be discussed prior to the first four sessions. We need to talk. Please, call or email to apply so we may discuss your intention to attend. The synchronicity of the energies of the group as well as the consistency of attendance aids in the group’s cohesiveness, trust and growth. SUGGESTIONS: No Caffeine or Heavy Eating Beforehand. Arrive Early. Door Opens: 6:40 pm Circle Begins: 7:00 pm Drinks and Snacks provided Volunteers always appreciated PLANET SOUL DIRECTIONS and PARKING INSTRUCTIONS will be sent with your confirmation email. Note: GPS causes people to get lost as there are lots of streets in the area with the same name. To Receive the PROTOCOLS, for Questions or to RSVP, submit your Name, Email Address and best Telephone Number(s) :[masked] or planetsoul at Rev. ROBIN CUSHNER PLANET SOUL HOLISTIC COMMUNITY [masked][masked] LOVE, LAUGH, LISTEN, LEARN, SHARE & HEAL Creating Conscious Community Since 1997

PLANET SOUL Holistic Community

205 Slade Avenue (Baltimore) · Pikesville, MD

What we're about

A Life-Changing Journey of Self-(soul) Discovery:
Do you often wonder why; what's my purpose; is there a Divine Source; can I heal; or, who am I, really?
Identify your sacred self and core beliefs. Find YOUR own answers and tools for transformation. Learn how to integrate the spiritual principles into everyday life so you can be the best you can be no matter your challenges.
LOVE, LAUGH, LISTEN, LEARN, SHARE & HEAL. A warm and welcoming community of like-minded people who get together to explore the meaning of life, universal principles, ancient wisdom and secret teachings via introspection, books, classes, films, psychic development, meditations, healing and enlightening discussions.
All Levels of Experience & Knowledge Welcome
Non-Religious: For People Of All Faiths and Cultures.

We meet in the Baltimore (Pikesville), Maryland area but, with your help, the vision is to use webcams and become universal!

Most events are geared for the beautiful souls of 20, 30 and 40 year olds. A few may be shared with the Planet Soul Holistic Community.

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