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ECK Light and Sound Service, "The Mahanta, a Spiritual Guide for Our Times"
“You are Soul. It is the real you. You are a timeless, deathless, spark of God—in love, strength, and beauty—upheld by the always present Light and Sound, the Holy Spirit.” —Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Life, p. 75 Join with people from all walks of life to learn more about living in harmony with Divine Spirit. The ECK Light and Sound Service includes a reading from the ECK works, a HU Song*, and often features talks, personal stories, music, and small group discussions on spiritual principles at work in our daily lives. The service lasts for about an hour with fellowship and light refreshments following. Bring your stories! Bring your family! Bring a friend! *The song of HU can open one's heart to the love of God. Anyone can benefit from this song of spiritual love regardless of age, background, or religion. Please check this meetup site for cancellations due to weather events. Your safety is important to us.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites (Milwaukee Airport)

1400 W. Zellman Court · Milwaukee, wi

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    Have you had a spiritual experience? Looking for a deeper understanding of who you are and your life’s purpose?

    Eckankar offers answers. It is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern-day religion that offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth through personal experience.

    Spiritual experiences may include dreams, inner guidance, déjà vu, knowingness, coincidences, out-of-body adventures, or having a sense that you have lived before. Open yourself to more love, joy, and wisdom by exploring and understanding life from a spiritual perspective.

    We are an open, friendly spiritual community for people of all faiths. Explore your deepest spiritual questions, and meet people of like mind and heart.

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