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This community is for those who are experiencing a spiritual awakening and want deeper transformation and to discover more of the truth. We are living in a time of accelerated expansion of consciousness. Many people are feeling the urgent pull to live at a higher level of authenticity and joy in all they are, say and do.

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There are many routes to the truth and your way is unique. Self Inquiry is self-guided; you forge your own path and directly influence and navigate your own spiritual expansion. Using simple but precise questioning while connecting to the stillness inside of you during meditation, Self Inquiry cuts like a sword through illusion to reveal only what is real and important to you. It is also a beautiful art in itself, and the process is fulfilling, and, at times, awe-inspiring.

Reasons you may be drawn to Self Inquiry:

- You have a simple curiosity to discover what is going on in your inner world.

- You are aware that thinking can be destructive, and want to use your mind in a constructive way instead.

- You feel a clear calling to spiritual practice.

- You want freedom from suffering.

- You want to strengthen your intuition so you can be guided from within, and make decisions with confidence.

- You want control over your inner state, not be controlled by it.

As you practise the tools of Self Inquiry, your awareness, wisdom and mastery over your inner world intensify. You find that you can move through challenges faster and often with ease. You become confident that you can solve and resolve any problem or decision by checking into your own guidance. You feel lighter with more peace and joy. Your outer life begins shifting around you to reflect the new you, and you see changes for the better in your relationships, work, activities, daily habits and routines, life direction, creativity and every other area that is important to you.

The aim of these workshops is to empower you to be your natural, true self. Through exercises, teaching and discussion, you will absorb and practise your own Self Inquiry, and your inner world will open up to you. We will also be shifting issues in the workshops themselves. However, the real goal is for you to connect with the wisdom you need to flourish and grow in your own unique way.

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Cut Through The False You: Train the Mind

120 Heath St


Peace of mind begins with discipline of the mind. Learn the tools to cut through clutter and clear your mind, so you can move through life with more authenticity, inner confidence and wisdom. BOOKING: Secure your place by RSVP-ing. You will be taken through to Paypal to complete your payment. Click on the link to come back to Meetup and you should see 'PAID' beside your name in the attendee list. Ticket prices: £14.50 pre-book £20 on door (cash or card accepted) ---- What is this event about? Discipline of the mind is vital for a peaceful life. Without training, the mind is busy with thoughts and there is little awareness of these thoughts. The thoughts seem to control the person, rather than the person being in control of the mind. This is problematic, because when thoughts go unwatched, they generate havoc! Thoughts patterns lock in emotions, and these cause unhappiness. As you engage in spiritual practice, you begin to become aware of the mind and its tricks. As thoughts subside, and as the links between thought patterns and emotions become weaker, there is more joy and peace – our true, natural state as human beings. Life becomes more enjoyable and simple (with less painful drama) and challenges are easier to resolve. There is also a more direct and ongoing access to intuition, which is the body’s natural guidance system. Self Inquiry is a spiritual practice that fast-tracks the breaking of the harmful links between thoughts and emotions that give rise to unhappiness. By observing your thoughts, identifying habits of thinking and their connection with your feelings and experiences, you can sever these patterns, dissolving their influence for good. The result? You feel better, often instantly. Your mind is clearer. You feel a new freedom and confidence that propels you to a lighter state of being. In this event, we will practise the tools of Self Inquiry with an emphasis on training the mind to be alert and clear, enabling thought observation and the breaking of unhelpful habits. In doing the exercises, your awareness of your inner wisdom – your intuition – will strengthen, so you can increasingly guide yourself from within, rather than looking outside for answers. We will also work with your real-time issues to shift them in the session. Bring an open mind and the willingness to let go of what does not serve you. Please bring: a notebook and pen. We will start at 18:30. Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled. Venue: Friends Meeting House, 120 Heath Street, London NW3 1DR. A few minutes walk from Hampstead tube station. Parking info: Pay and display parking is available behind Jack Straw’s Castle (a few minutes walk) and opposite the Meeting House. Parking after 6pm is free in pay and display bays. BOOKING: £14.50 pre-book (RSVP and you will be taken through to Paypal to complete your payment) Your facilitator: Laura began her career with a doctorate in neuroscience, followed by journalism and a coaching business. As well as training individuals and groups in personal development, she spoke on platforms such as TEDx and national/international media. Several years ago, she took a step back from her business to refine, deepen and simplify her own Self Inquiry practice. She now creates space for like-minded people to come together to disrupt their own blocks in their inner and outer worlds, to reveal and experience ever more of the truth.

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The Art of Self Inquiry: Cut Like a Sword Through the False You

Friends Meeting House, Hampstead Quaker Meeting


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