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Tantra is a form of yoga designed to enhance your experience of being alive. It will help you to slow down, relax, and tap into your sexuality, your sensuality, your life-force energy, and your partner (if you're practicing with one), in radically new ways. This group practices spiritual sensuality, yoga, meditation, naked yoga, sexual-awakening yoga, and tantra, from a spiritual and heart focus. Tantra is a holistic spiritual system that connects the sexual and spiritual aspects of our selves, for integration, healing, joy, and power. We do not have an overt sexual focus, though we talk about how these practices improve sex, along with all aspects of life. You will feel immense relaxation, bliss, sensuality, and presence from these practices. I know, because I experience it every day. I help people find their bliss through relaxation, mindfulness, and sensuality. I am a certified yoga instructor with over a decade of study and research into sexuality. I have been profiled in the New York Times and many other publications. I teach private relaxation-based hatha yoga, tantra and sexual-awakening yoga, ganja yoga, and clothing-free yoga. I also offer sexuality coaching and provide sensual, meditative bodywork experience and instruction. I work with individuals, couples, and groups of friends, privately and in public classes and workshops. My clients know me for being playful and accepting, and deeply-spiritual while solidly down to earth. Since 2009, I have worked privately with hundreds of couples and singles in the US, Canada, Europe, and Costa Rica, helping them to connect to their radiant embodied selves. I've impacted thousands of people through public classes, workshops, healing-arts parties, and speaking engagements. I've been living in the Bay Area since November 2012, and it's been my delight to continue to build a beautiful practice here! Thanks for joining, - Dee Dussault www.deedussault.com

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Sensual Yoga & Expressive Art

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