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We're an ALL-volunteer, non-profit, non-denominational group of spiritual singles from the Greater Washington, DC Area, with activities in Virginia, Maryland and DC.

Please feel free to join us for spiritual, cultural, health, creative, musical, educational and social activities.

Also, since we are an ALL-volunteer organization, we invite and encourage anyone to put on an event! In fact, please do so - it's what makes our organization work!

All ages, cultures and beliefs are welcome - and friendship, dancing, meditation, humor and healthy foods are the norm.


Spiritual Singles Policy on What Events Can Be Offered

The events (including greetings) posted on this website are
exclusively for Spiritual Singles and their single guests only.
The only exceptions are those events where there is a specific
Spiritual Singles person who is the contact person and there is
a specific place where all Spiritual Singles who attend the
event can come together as a group. An example of such an
event would be in meeting Spiritual Singles at a specific place
at a concert.


We very much appreciate everyone who volunteers to offer events. THANK YOU!!
"Volunteering is what makes our organization work!!"
Since Spiritual Singles is an ALL VOLUNTEER non-profit organization we invite and encourage you to consider the possibility of offering an event. We now have over 1,200 members and 29 Event Organizers!

There are numerous possible events to offer and organize such as: hiking, tennis, in-home movies, meditation, yoga, drumming, theater, concerts. If you're interested in organizing or assisting any event, please feel free to contact Jeff on jeffreydmaurer@gmail.com­­­ .
Also, you may wish to discuss possible events by clicking on "Discussions" near the top of our website.

* Events are REALLY a LOT EASIER to organize than you may think!! And ENJOYABLE!! (And you can keep it as simple as you would like!) For example, one suggestion is to have "Movie Nights" in your home. These events are especially easy. The lively discussions afterwards are very interesting and enriching. Many other possible events are shown below.

* Organizing any event is a great way for meeting people who enjoy doing the things you enjoy doing.

* You may also meet that special person - several marriages and significant-other relationships have occurred through meetings at Spiritual Singles events.

Spiritual Singles is open to anyone organizing and scheduling an event. For most events in people's homes, you can expect between 4-15 people. Some parties and dances have brought in over 100 people. However, you can limit the maximum number you'd like to attend for any event.
For your convenience, shown below is a checklist of some possible events for YOUR consideration...

___Winter Party

___House party (for 12-16 people: equal # women and men)

___Movie Night (at a theater or at home)


___Book Discussion Night

___Poetry, Short Story Night (acting or role playing)

___Writing Night



___Tarot readings

___Concerts (Jiffy Lube, Merriweather, Verizon, Strathmore, etc.)

___Attending Plays

___Sharing Groups

___Gangaji Video Night

___Eckhart Tolle Video Night

___Game Night

___Hobbies Night (drawing, caligraphy, photography, etc. teach each other)

___Drumming Night

___Karoke or Singing Night (Folk songs, etc.)

___Dinner Night

___Guest Speakers

___Browsing Art (or other) Museums

___Attending Sports Events








___White-Water Rafting

___House Party (for 12-16 people - equal # women and men)

___Wine and Cheese Party

___Valentine' s Day Party

___Spring Party

___Summer Party

___Halloween Party

___Thanksgiving Dinner

___Holiday Party

___New Years Eve Party

___Community Retreat

___Silent Retreat Weekend

___Other: We encourage almost any activity/event

If you have any questions concerning any possible events or would like assistance in writing up a description of an event, please feel free to contact Jeff:
jeffreydmaurer@gmail.com­­­ or on 301-947-1649.

Jeff can also make you an Event Organizer so that you can present an event any time you wish without contacting him.

So if you:

1) are willing to be a member of Spiritual Singles and the contact person on our website;

2) are willing to gather all of the Spiritual Singles attendees together so that they can meet one another and can have conversations;

3) are willing to include brief a description of the event [NOTE: having ONLY a reference to another website is NOT a sufficient description.]; and

4) are willing to include the following statement in the event description:
"I (contact person) will gather Spiritual Singles together for the opportunity to meet one another for conversation."

then your event can be a Spiritual Singles event.

If you agree to this policy, then Jeff would make you an Event Organizer for Spiritual Singles. As an Event Organizer, you can access most of the tools to help run this group.

I would also email detailed instructions for you to place your event on our website."

We hope you'll join us soon.

Take care.

in Peace,Hillary, Mandara, Carol, Jeff

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What is Love? Philosophers, Poets, Artists, Psychologists, Writers, and wayward conversations have discussed this for multiple millenniums. Is it emotion, attitude, myth, or is it behavior? I will not tell you what Love is. Gathering together, we join our intentions to meditate on love and tap into the Love experience. This is a very powerful mediation as we release that which prevents us from experiencing and expressing Love. You will have the opportunity to open yourself to connect with and experience Love in your own way. Your experience is your experience and is tailored for your highest good for where you are at this time. Cost $10 Matthew is a Wellness and Energy Practitioner combining many Healing modalities, Energy Skills, Intuition and Shamanic practices offering Classes, Workshops, Wellness Meditations, and Individual Client Sessions. Traditional and Spiritual Hypnosis Sessions are available including life change work, past life regressions, emotional resolution, habits, smoking, weight loss, fears, and skill development. Matthew Tolford is the founder of NewGrowth Healing and Hypnosis. Matthew can be reached through Rising Phoenix Holistic Center at[masked] or NewGrowth Healing and Hypnosis at[masked] [masked] Rising Phoenix Holistic Center 9028 D Prince William St. Manassas, VA 20110

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