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Mindfulness - How to improve and go deeper?
My first mindfulness session which will be FREE and now on for 2 days a week so put this in your diary now! PLEASE READ the 3 blogs links to give you a greater understanding of mindfulness This is an introduction to Buddhist mindfulness and secular mindfulness practised in the west. This is a free comprehensive session of the detailed understanding of the difference between cognitive and contemplative techniques The informal meeting will give: Best time to practise in the day and the month Looking at five point posture Experience the difference between the two practises Looking at internal and external signs of progress Understand good teaching technique Preparing the environment before practise Adapting sitting practise for the inflexible and injury Looking at dullness and alertness of practise There will be a question and answer session at the end Bring a meditation cushion or stool if you have one For more information: IF YOU ARE NOT COMING PLEASE CHANGE YOUR RSVP SO THAT WE DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANYONE WHO IS NOT COMING I just want to give you some directions to my place and ask you to park in the main street in Chilton and walk down to the cattle grid If you have a cushion or stool, especially as it might be raining, please drive down to the cattle grid and offload your cushion or stool and return to the main street in Chilton. Just call me on[masked] so that we can collect it from you and you can make a 3 point turn behind my car back up the road to the main street Parking is limited so please follow my instructions My place is to the opening to the right of the Buddhist statue so pass the black and then green oil tank. My front door is accessed by following the path pass the green oil tank and around the corner

Needs a location

What we're about

After going on many spiritual related groups in Meetup, I found that they all lacked a social side and that's why I'm starting a supper club.

A supper club is an informal way to get to know people round a table whilst eating home cooked food in someone’s abode. The quality and cost of the food makes this a great way to try new cuisines and produces a conducive space to express freely anything to do with spirituality. Suggested donation are recommended and prepaid with PayPal to reserve your place. Numbers are strictly limited on a first come, first serve basic so an early RSVP is recommended. This is a not for profit making club so the fee covers all food costs only and is community orientated

What type of people will be interested?

Anyone that wants to explore their own self-development by learning from other people’s experiences and debating subjects around the table. Sometimes it will be a group discussion or maybe someone sitting next to you. There is no real structure but a freedom to explore. Sometimes spontaneity can lead to great discussion which can be suppressed in more formal surroundings

Where will people come from?

The two initial venues will be in the rural countryside in Chilton near M40 J7 and in Jericho, central Oxford. London and Birmingham are easily accessible by the M40 to both of these venues. The rural venue is one hour from central London by car, 40 minutes on the Chiltern Line, fr... Marylebone train station into Haddenham and Thame Parkway and by bus on The Oxford Tube . Message me if you need picking up from Haddenham or M40 J6 for the Oxford tube. The rural venue is situated in tranquil countryside adjacent to sheep and cows and is considered by many as one of the best views in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. The Oxford venue is situated in one of the most creative areas of Oxford. The Oxford venue will be vegetarian and the Chilton venue, meat based.

Who will be hosting?

Russ will be hosting in Chilton and Elizabeth in Oxford. We both have many years as Buddhist practitioners and have experienced many other faiths and religions

What will be the first meal?

I’m half Malaysian and half English. My mums from Malacca in Malaysia and whilst we live in Singapore, we became obsessed with Malaysian Steamboat. I will introduce you to authentic prawn crackers to start called Krupuk with Sambal and Lingham’s sauce and then the steamboat. I’ve made a video about it and it’s a great icebreaker for this new group

I plan to get the first meeting outdoors with the steamboat so we can experiece the feel and the beauty of this area. In the unlikely event that rain is forecast, I will move it indoors

Suggested topics to discuss? What is duality? How to be happy in this material world? What's the difference between mindfulness in the East to that in the West? What the best way to be in the state of presence, cognitive or contemplative? Some great spiritual films I have on my TV with surround sound, The story of the Weeping Camel, Baraka, Mystics and Magicians, The Secret, and many more

What do I do now?

Please sign up for the group and I will post details for the first meeting which will be in 2/3 weeks time

This is the clip about the Indonesian tribal group i mention in my recent email

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