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After going on many spiritual related groups in Meetup, I found that they all lacked a social side and that's why I'm starting a supper club.

A supper club is an informal way to get to know people round a table whilst eating home cooked food in someone’s abode. The quality and cost of the food makes this a great way to try new cuisines and produces a conducive space to express freely anything to do with spirituality. Suggested donation are recommended and prepaid with PayPal to reserve your place. Numbers are strictly limited on a first come, first serve basic so an early RSVP is recommended. This is a not for profit making club so the fee covers all food costs only and is community orientated

What type of people will be interested?

Anyone that wants to explore their own self-development by learning from other people’s experiences and debating subjects around the table. Sometimes it will be a group discussion or maybe someone sitting next to you. There is no real structure but a freedom to explore. Sometimes spontaneity can lead to great discussion which can be suppressed in more formal surroundings

Where will people come from?

The two initial venues will be in the rural countryside in Chilton near M40 J7 and in Jericho, central Oxford. London and Birmingham are easily accessible by the M40 to both of these venues. The rural venue is one hour from central London by car, 40 minutes on the Chiltern Line, https://www.chilternrailways.co.uk/ fr... Marylebone train station into Haddenham and Thame Parkway and by bus on The Oxford Tube http://www.oxfordtube.com/ . Message me if you need picking up from Haddenham or M40 J6 for the Oxford tube. The rural venue is situated in tranquil countryside adjacent to sheep and cows and is considered by many as one of the best views in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. The Oxford venue is situated in one of the most creative areas of Oxford. The Oxford venue will be vegetarian and the Chilton venue, meat based.

Who will be hosting?

Russ will be hosting in Chilton and Elizabeth in Oxford. We both have many years as Buddhist practitioners and have experienced many other faiths and religions

What will be the first meal?

I’m half Malaysian and half English. My mums from Malacca in Malaysia and whilst we live in Singapore, we became obsessed with Malaysian Steamboat. I will introduce you to authentic prawn crackers to start called Krupuk with Sambal and Lingham’s sauce and then the steamboat. I’ve made a video about it and it’s a great icebreaker for this new group

I plan to get the first meeting outdoors with the steamboat so we can experiece the feel and the beauty of this area. In the unlikely event that rain is forecast, I will move it indoors

Suggested topics to discuss? What is duality? How to be happy in this material world? What's the difference between mindfulness in the East to that in the West? What the best way to be in the state of presence, cognitive or contemplative? Some great spiritual films I have on my TV with surround sound, The story of the Weeping Camel, Baraka, Mystics and Magicians, The Secret, and many more

What do I do now?

Please sign up for the group and I will post details for the first meeting which will be in 2/3 weeks time

This is the clip about the Indonesian tribal group i mention in my recent email

Upcoming events (3)

Introduction to Buddhism

Needs a location

This is a very informal meeting to give people some idea on what is Buddhism and how is can help bring peace and calmness to life. The covid pandemic has given people the time to reflect on their work-life balance and think more about personal fulfilment and peace of mind.

The pandemic has also been challenging because of social isolation, financial and job insecurity. In the next few years, the cost of living crisis will add to that challenge.

Whilst in the west, the word is resilience, in Buddhism, we call it equanimity.

How do you achieve equanimity?

This is not a life coaching chat but more about my experience in Buddhism that has helped me? Its give an introduction to the ritual, rites and many different types of meditation technique to bring this state of equanimity.

I'm nearly 63 but I started mediating at 17 with Transcendental Meditation (17) and took refuge with my teacher from Tibet when I was 32. When I was nearly 60, I did a personal retreat high up in the North Sikkim of the Himalayan mountains in a cave.

In April 2023, I will be taking a small number of people to Sikkim to experience the beautiful and fascinating part of the Himalayan mountains. We will be visiting my cave in the Kalep Valley and the hike is in non-commercial and hidden landscape near Lachen

I stopped the free mindfulness session at our place when covid struck but will be starting them up again as they have a social, spiritual and collective benefit.

I am not a teacher but a facilitator so have a look at my blog on how to chose a teacher


I've also put together a two week schedule in Sikkim


Just click on the highlighted text to see the videos and details for each part of Sikkim

Because this will be a very popular chat, please update you status by un-RSVPing because the numbers are limited to 10

Free Meditation and Mindfulness

Needs a location

We live in Brill and this will be out first free meditation which I formerly did in Chilton before the pandemic

We live in a small place but will have spaces for 5 people, six including me.

The practise is following ritual, rite and contemplation of Buddhism and can be done sitting on a chair but preferably in five point posture sitting on the floor.

Don't worry if this is your first time as I will give guidance and help

This is what Nick has said of the sessions

Come with an open mind and enjoy


Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Lunch with a theme of ‘Spirituality and Art’

Needs a location


My name is Kashmira Patel and I was not a real foodie as a teenager or when got married, although dabbled in my mum’s kitchen often and quite liked good food. Having lived in a joint family with fifteen of us, my mum and aunties were always cooking! It was not until I got married and lived in Brazil, a totally different country in terms of diet and culture, that I started realising that cooking would be my next big thing!

Decades have rolled on, and here I am happy with that next big thing and enjoying what I started as an experiment, turning into a passion. At home, I love cooking all sorts, traditional Indian dishes which are tried and tested, eastern fusion from my travels to the British fayre. For my cookery school students and friends, I concentrate on the traditional, regional Indian recipes, the ones which are not served in the so called ‘Indian restaurants’. I come from Western India, state of Gujarat, which is a predominantly vegetarian. Dishes range from the dhals , cereals and steamed dishes. Vegetables play a key role in the diet too, and importance on seasonal produce is still present.

Kashmira will provide a buffet with authentic food from Gujaret in her garden should the weather be dry

Kashmira will explore the connection between Art and Spirituality from her experience of creating
Art and state of mind while creating her Ceramics. Playing with clay is like meditation, going with the
Flow, and allowing yourself to immerse within yourself.
She compares her cooking with her ‘play with clay’ as both give her immense pleasure. We will have
an open discussion with the members.

Come and enjoy a traditional Gujarati vegetarian meal
( proceeds to go the Maggies Cancer Centre in Oxford)

Play with Clay by Kashmira - Facebook

Play with clay with Kashmira - Instagram

Please pay £18.00 per person by PayPal

Meetup does not allow a wait list for PayPal payments. Please message Russ directly if you want to be placed on the manual wait list and Russ will contact you should a space become available. A refund will be made to RSVP's if a member of my the manual wait list takes up your space

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Midsummer Music

Needs a location

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