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Spiritual Support & Discussion Group (POWER OF NOW)

Spiritual Support group for people on all levels of their spiritual path looking to access inner peace, joy, love and happiness in their lives.

A group that meets multiple times a month to discuss topics that are designed to help us shift our consciousness and heal our mind, body, emotions and soul.

We can anticipate inspiring book discussions, guest speakers, spiritual documentaries and other wonderful talks

Be sure to join this community of like minded people interested in personal growth and authentic connections with others.


Welcome to all the new members that have joined up in 2019.

We meet every Monday Night for topics designed to help us grow, heal and evolved towards greater inner peace, joy and happiness.

Please sign up today and see you real soon.


Steve Flemming


Upcoming events (5+)

**Friday Night Party with Live Band & Dancing at Alleycatz**

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you out Friday January 18th to get our weekend started with mix, mingling and Dancing the night away to an amazing cover band; uREQUEST LIVE *Located right at the heart of Yonge and Eglinton, just two minute walk north of Yonge/Eglinton station, with lots of parking on Yonge street. Please note: my other social groups and the general public will be joining us too so we can anticipate an amazing night. Please kindly read details carefully below: ------------------------------------------------------ PLEASE KINDLY READ :) -Arrive any time between 8:00 and 9:00 for mix, mingling and even dinner (optional) Includes reserved seating for us, so we can all be together: (Save 3 dollars at the door when you mention Steve from Meetup and arrive before 9:00 PM) *Price goes up to 10 dollars after 9:00, so please arrive early if you can -Very Important to also mention Steve from Meetup if you arrive after 9:00 PM so they can track our numbers and direct you to the group; but it's still much better to simply arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 PM (I will hang out by front entrance inside venue until 10:00 so you will see me for those arriving after 9:00) --------------------------------------------------------------- (Event Details Below) Sincerely, Steve Flemming (Organizer & Host) https://www.meetup.com/SoulCity/ Event Details: Friday Night Party with Live Band & DJ at Alleycatz! -Arrive between 8:00 & 8:30 (Mix, Mingling, Dinner Optional) -Arrive between 8:45 & 9:00 and get ready for one of the best bands in town *Party goes as late as you wish to stay (Don't worry if you're coming on your own, many do and before you know it you will have met plenty of great new friend to celebrate the weekend with) ------------------------------------------------ Friendly Reminders: Parking north of venue on Yonge Street (One beverage or appetizer minimum upon arrival to support venue) 2 minute walk from Yonge & Eglinton Subway station *Website, Dinner Menu & Location http://www.alleycatz.ca/ (Save 3 dollars at the door when you mention Steve from Meetup and arrive before 9:00 PM) *Very Important to still mention Steve from Meetup if you arrive after 9:00) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details about the Band: (Optional Read) A New Kind Of Band... uREQUEST LIVE Imagine the last wedding or corporate event you attended where there was a live band performing. How did you and other guests interact with the band? Did they take requests or just smile and nod and tell you to ask the DJ to play it? What if the way you could interact with live bands could be made easier? How does being able to request songs through touch-screen "Jukeboxes" near the stage or using your smartphone, where you can also interact with, and text chat with the band? Better yet, the live band can see which songs are trending and have the most requests. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, thanks to uRequest Live, it is now a reality! Best of all, the request list provided to guests can be customized and tailored to fit a specific genre, theme, or limited to specific types of songs you want to play at your event. Plus, you can decide how long you want to enable “All Request Live” at your event and how often. For instance, at wedding receptions this feature is great to use to keep guests entertained while they wait for the newly married couple to arrive. You may also decide to schedule request sessions in smaller half hour segments at various times throughout the event, or allow guests to make requests for the entire time the band is scheduled to perform. The choice is yours! Using “uRequest Live” provides a unique experience, not only for your guests, but also for the band since they get to have enhanced interactions with guests and provide a truly one-of-kind experience everyone at your event will remember long after.

**Saturday Night Latin Dance Lesson** (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue)

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you out to a great Saturday night as we combine a couple great events in one. First from roughly 8:00-9:30, we will learn some new steps for Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. All levels welcome. We will have two instructors there to guide the class as well. *Followed up with a wonderful Latin vs Canadian Dance party, including DJ, Pool Tables and Reserved Seating all included. Take part in the dance lesson or simply enjoy others learning the steps and get ready for a great night of dancing and partying with all our friends from meetup. *Come on your own or bring a friend, either way, it's going to be a great evening! Singles, couples and everyone in between are welcome. **Joined by my other social groups too so we can anticipate a wonderful turn out Event Details Below: Sincerely, Steve Flemming (Organizer & DJ) http://www.meetup.com/soulcity/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Details of Event: **Saturday Night Latin Dance Lesson** (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue) -Learn the basic steps with two dance instructors -Latin vs Canada Dance Party immediately after Lesson -Reserved Pool Tables and Seating provided for the group -Free Parking and Free Coat Check too ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friendly Reminders: -Arrive between 7:00 & 7:30 for dinner/appetizers, mix & mingling and to get settled in (Optional) -Arrive between 7:30 & 8:00 to get ready for Latin Dance Lesson -Dance Lessons starts at 8:00 to roughly 9:30 -Latin vs Canadian Party starts immediately after Dance Lesson (One beverage or appetizer minimum upon arrival to support staff & venue) *Free parking in front, behind and side of building and on street. Website & location map Chalkers: http://www.chalkerspub.ca (3 minute walk from Glencairn subway station) Fee: 10 dollars at the door (Includes: Dance Lessons, Reserved Pool Tables, Reserved Seating, Fun People to Meet, DJ, Latin vs Canadian Dance Party) ------------------------------------------------------------- Bonus: (After Party, Dance, Pool & DJ) **The Saturday Night Latin vs Canadian Dance Party** https://www.meetup.com/SoulCity/events/257569028/ ---------------------------------------------------------------

**The Saturday Night Latin vs Canadian Dance Bash** (Pool Included)

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you out to Chalkers for a great evening of dancing to the best Latin, Salsa, Bachata, Dance, Top 40, Disco, Rock, Retro, R & B, and your requests. Party includes: Dancing, reserved pool tables, reserved seating, Patio, DJ, and great people to party with. *Our other Social Groups and general public will be in attendance too, so we can anticipate a fantastic night (Event Details Below) Sincerely, Steve Flemming (Organizer & DJ) http://www.soulcitysocial.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Details: **The Saturday Night Latin vs Canadian Dance Bash** (Dancing, Mingling and Pool Tables reserved) Music: 'Latin'- Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Reggeaton, Latin Dance, Soca 'English'- Disco, Rock, Retro, R & B, Dance, Top 40....and your requests :) 1) Arrive between 9:00 & 9:30 to 'Mix & Mingle' with your fellow members, including Pool (Optional) 2) Arrive between 9:30 & 11:00 as the Party starts to heat up and the dancing begins (Goes to roughly 1:00 AM) *Free Parking and *Free Self-Serve Coat Check ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Friendly Reminders: Arrive any time after 9:00 (come earlier if you like- optional) *Free parking in front, behind and side of building and on street. Website & location map Chalkers: (One beverage or appetizer minimum upon arrival to support staff & venue) http://www.chalkerspub.ca (3 minute walk from Glencairn subway station) Fee: 10 Dollars at the Door -------------------------------------------

Eckhart Tolle: THE POWER OF NOW (A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment)

Good day everyone, I would like to invite you out for an inspiring night as we explore one of the most popular and life changing spiritual books of the 21st century, Echkhart Tolle's, The Power of Now. The night is intended for us to dive deeper into a conversation that is meant for us to further deepen our personal experience of inner peace, joy and presence. *Joined by my other personal and professional development groups so we can anticipate a fabulous turn out for learning, sharing and connecting. *It's not mandatory to have read the book, but certainly it is encouraged :) (You will enjoy the night either way) (The book can be purchased online or any indigo book store) https://www.amazon.ca/ (Event details below) Sincerely, Steve Flemming (Organizer) https://www.meetup.com/SoulCity Event Details: (Let's Discuss) Eckhart Tolle: THE POWER OF NOW (A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment) To make the journey into the Now we will need to leave our analytical mind and its false created self, the ego, behind. From the very first page of Eckhart Tolle's extraordinary book, we move rapidly into a significantly higher altitude where we breathe a lighter air. We become connected to the indestructible essence of our Being, “The eternal, ever present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.” Although the journey is challenging, Eckhart Tolle uses simple language and an easy question and answer format to guide us. A word of mouth phenomenon since its first publication, The Power of Now is one of those rare books with the power to create an experience in readers, one that can radically change their lives for the better. Evening Highlights: -A night designed for learning, sharing and being inspired towards living a life with less struggle and more inner peace, freedom and joy -Well organized and facilitated, with thought provoking questions and shared insights to explore as a group -Questions will be asked to further understand the ideas expressed by the author Steve Flemming/Organizer (Myself) will facilitate the group discussion with some guiding principles to ensure the conversation flows with inspiration and respect for each other. (Over 15 years experience as a group facilitator) Fee: 5 dollars at the door (Cash only) (HST Included) ------------------------------------------------------- Steve Flemming (Facilitator) is the founder of the Soul City Social Club, since 2006. He produces weekly events on subjects involving personal growth, spirituality, law of attraction, philosophy, alternative health, professional development and entrepreneurship. Steve is also a Sociology Major, Open Space Technology Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker and DJ for social functions and themed events. As a group facilitator and event organizer he remains committed to inspiring consciousness, friendship and authentic community within the City of Toronto. ------------------------------------------- Friendly Reminders: -Arrive between 7:00 & 7:15 for mix & mingling- come for dinner if you like (Optional) (Excellent Dinner Menu) -Arrive between 7:15 & 7:20 to get settle in -Event starts at 7:30 to roughly 9:45 PM *Stick around after for additional networking if you like (One beverage or appetizer minimum upon arrival to support staffing & venue) -By subway: 4 minute walk from Glencairn station (Members who wish to be dropped off at Subway at end of the night, just let me know at start of night, to co-ordinate a car pool) ---------------------

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