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The Tao of the Spiritual Warrior is a Meetup group set up to encourage those who have an inner calling or deep desire to Awaken to their Inner Truth through meditation, ceremony, energy healing and inner work. This group is primarily for those who believe that they themselves are One with Spirit and that the essence of the spiritual path is inner work with one's Self to raise one's consciousness and vibration. And for those who want to feel connected with a group of like-minded fellows.

The ultimate goal is to "Know Thyself"....or to "Know Who You Are." This is about answering the question "Who Am I?" and knowing in our deepest heart space that We ARE Creator, Universe, Truth. That said, I offer you this salutation: "I know Who You Are, in Truth. I know What You Are, in Truth. I know how You serve, in Truth. You are here. You are here. You are here." This is from Paul Selig's, "The Book of Truth." This statement brings you into alignment with your Divine Self, the Truth of Who You Are.

We each are the Self--but we feel that we are 'separated' from God because of our 'sins' or 'errors' or our limited perception-- and we see our path as our struggle to reach God, to touch the Divine Source in some way. But we have forgotten who and what we are, and I am here to tell you that you are not alone. You are not forgotten. You are far more than you know. The real journey is the struggle to overcome your history, your conditioning, your identities, and your fear into the acceptance of Who and What You Are.

All of us are Divine Beings. And all are worthy of Love and forgiveness no matter what we have said or done. Forgive yourself your transgressions, ask for forgiveness from those you have judged and harmed thoughtlessly, and ask the Divine for forgiveness. Learn the lessons from your mistakes and your ignorance, and move on. Do your own work and you shall find purpose, mission, and your own paths into the Light.

The Christ consciousness has manifested in us all. It is your own birthright as a Divine Being of God's Love. What Jesus began in the West continues. Aquarius is the Age of the Materialization of God and Heaven on Earth. That materialization will happen within and through each of us as we permit. Say "Yes" to your own divinity. Say "Yes" that your own Divine Self may manifest through and "as you". And it shall happen.

You are here.

You are here.

You are here.

This experience is not about spiritual authorities, psychics, astrologists, or anyone outside one's self. It is about you realizing Who You Are; and by "realizing" I mean "knowing". The journey is in fact more about stripping off the incorrect understandings, beliefs, fears, assumptions and conditioning that have put us at the effect of our culture, our social behaviors, our opinions, and our own neurotic fixations.

And what holds us back from doing this -- so that the path IS a struggle to overcome your own resistance -- is our deep fear of God which various teachings have put into us. Anyone who has done this work will recognize this and delve inwardly instead of seeking outwardly or following anyone else.

One has to learn by doing, and no outer authority and no belief system can make it happen for you. You must take this journey on your own.

There is a pearl of wisdom in most religious teachings, and the pearl is the understanding that "God is Love." There is truly no "becoming someone acceptable to God," because we are already unconditionally loved and accepted, and we always have been. And that Love is expressed in the freedom we have been given to be creators ourselves. But instead, we punish ourselves by choosing lives of pain, constriction and fear, We must learn Who and What we already are. The Mystery we seek is within Us, and our fear of that mystery guides our every decision on the Path until we surrender to our own Highest Truth and begin to express ourselves here on Earth as God's Will.

The Path of the Luminous Warrior winds into one's own Unknown Self. It requires determination, an open heart, the intent of harmlessness and peace, Love for self and others, Compassion for suffering--one's own and that of others--and Service to our fellows. There are many along that path who are waiting to pull the Warrior down, but his greatest enemy is within...the enemy aspect of self -- the ego -- who fears life, God, and what he might discover within himself, the one who quits and gives up, who despairs and turns aside. It is a path in which one travels alone or, if fortunate, with the companionship of a beloved friend.

All are welcomed here, however you found us.

May you be blessed in finding your way home, back to your Self.

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