Return of the North County Healing and Message Circle

Hosted by Spiritual Wellness for Life Healing Circle

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Price: $20.00 /per person

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• Are you at a cross road in your life?

• Not sure what direction to take with your life?

• Unsatisfied with your life?

• Do You Need ANSWERS?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!!

We are in a time of great Manifestation and Miracles!

I witness miracles everyday! Just look around, miracles are everywhere. And in case you've forgotten, you too are a miracle!

It really is about learning how to "BE" instead of "DO" and giving ourselves PERMISSION to ALLOW ourselves to receive.

So often we get caught up in life surrounding us and fall into complacency and boredom, thinking "Is this all there is". Or maybe, we are so caught up in the rat race, we are living someone else's version of what our life is all about. Or we are on a hamster wheel of life, not the one you really want, but just are going through the motions to survive in this life.

Are you ready to create something completely different? How about some new tools to re-Acquaint with your genuine, authentic self, you know the one that is always been part of you and has been covered up with living your current life?


JOIN US on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, at 7 PM

Location: 1622 Pleasant Place, Encinitas, CA 92024

The process:

1) Through group meditation, the amazing healing energies of the Spiritual Medical Teams (Yes, they do exist !) are called in to assist with healing of physical ailments, stress, financial concerns, and other issues of those present.

2) Through medium-ship, the energies of the higher realms, including Angels, Saints, Source, and the Medical Teams of the Spirit World, are called forth to assist with healing for the greatest good of all in attendance.

Bring yourself, others, and or bring pictures of your loved ones, friends, or pets that are in need of healing.

Pictures will be placed in the center of the circle, to receive the energies of the Healing Circle.

Evening includes a mini reading for each participant!

Come join us for an EXTRAORDINARY evening of Healing and Love!!

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Nurse Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor, and Coach, naturally gifted as a child with intuitive abilities, her educational pursuits have blended the physical with the spiritual in her work.

A frequent traveler to visit John of God in Brazil, she works with, and connects with the highly vibrating beings of the Christ Force Consciousness, her medical team in the spirit world to assist her in her healing practice.

Dolores has assisted in numerous healings of individuals and animals, both physically and remotely. These healings include physical ailments such as body aches, pain, joint issues, chronic health issues to name a few, as well as spiritual, emotional, and mental ailments.

In the past, Dolores facilitated Healing Circles at Controversial Bookstore in North Park, CA, Temple of Light in Lake Forest, CA, Terri Stewart in Hollywood, CA, as well as her home office in Encinitas, CA.


- I have more peace in my stressful world! Terry M., Vista, CA

- My migraines have subsided! Debra C., La Costa, CA

- I am sleeping much deeper & feel as if I have a control on my
life! Isabel, G. Vista, CA

- Chronic neck pain of 20 years gone! Pam C., Encinitas, CA

- My belief system has lifted. I know that I am creating and manifesting
my intentions! Suzy, San Diego, CA

- After my session, my scheduled surgery was canceled; my surgeon gave me
a clean bill of health. Frances, B. Northport, FL

- Remarkable changes that are difficult to describe, the skeptic in me
has some rethinking to do! Dennis, Blackwood, NJ

- I have experienced some internal effects of the treatment.
Brant B. Oceanside, CA

-In June 2009, I had a healing session with Dolores. When I woke up the
next morning the sciatic pain was gone and it has not returned. I am so
grateful to be out of pain. I highly recommend Dolores' healing sessions to
everyone. Janet Falconer Fallbrook, CA

-I lost 6 lbs without effort after the Healing Circle. Kristen, San Diego, CA

-I myself have had a flooding of memories. I am seeking counseling to help deal with things I have blocked out for years, I am looking forward to my next Healing Circle, Thank-you for assisting with unblocking my life. Loreen, San Diego, CA.