What we're about

The focus here is to better understand our life journey. To do this we need to question who we truly are. Who is the spirit that lives on? Where did we come from? What is beyond death of the body? What is the Soul / Oversoul? How do we ascend to consciously reconnect with the soul? What are the multiple soul layers? What is Ascension? Why is it important? Why do we care? Why beliefs restrict inner growth? What is the universal truth? What is vibration frequency? How does raising our frequency help us on the ascension path? Why is it important to activate dormant DNA strands? What are the new energies after 2012 and how does this energy help our ascension journey?

Techniques introduced here help clear your energy fields and open you up to receive higher vibration frequencies. “This power breathwork-meditation with Chakra activation process, works with your inner light, this is new for this planet. It expands the consciousness. The breathwork releases many core issues and clears memory grids. It radiates more light, which brings more love and empowers co-creative abilities onto a person's path. Its benefits are without limits. It will open the path for those who want to uplift themselves". For more information on Ray (Ishnah) and his work on discovering the universal truth please view:

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