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My Dear friend,

You are welcome in our community. We are a Group of seekers, exploring life through the Indian spiritual and mystical methods.

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All spiritual methods and practices are shared by the organizer Amit. Anyone who is interested to learn the methods of Indian spirituality and mysticism are welcome.

We are not practising methods from a single school but rather using universal methods , or the amalgamation of the western and Indian school of thoughts with empirical human experiences.

"Our motive is to create a deep connection between members, so they can practice spirituality, explore life, share thoughts, feel loved and feel the strong spiritual bond. This process transforms them from within and awakens their consciousness, liveliness, and holistic approach towards life.

"We are not any religious or science group .we do not practice any religion ,science or thought but we are universal, open minded and natural seekers community, we are more connected with the human qualities rather than mechanical " .

"All our methods are designed to awaken the hidden and caged self, usually shared by organizer Amit. I believes Through proper practice , it's possible for spirituals to attain inner transformation ,awakening and consciousness in our life, free from the social matrix . I use meditations, discourses, conversation, casual get together, philosophical conversation and practice few esoteric methods to awaken the real self."

My earlier teachers were Paramhansa chaturbhuj sahay, Osho and UG . I do not support any spiritual methods which can not be scientifically proven or cannot be reproduced or tested in all logical and reasonable atmosphere. Hinduism Schools which has influence on me are Advaita, Vedanta, Buddhism, yoga, Charvaka, and Sankhya. I learnt many pseudo science and spiritual methods which i found not be true after many years so I am not a supporter of pseudo-sciences like Astrology, Numerology, Tarrot card reading, Few healing methods, the law of attraction, clairvoyance, black magic , vodoo, witchcraft or unproven superhuman skills or powers.

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Let's meditate and explore Spirituality ✨

Central library Oodi

Let's meditate and talk about Spirituality ✨

Central library Oodi

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