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This calendar is part of the Spiritual Communities Network. Our members post their work here and we invite you to check us out. We have a large variety of classes and events. So if you are looking to be guided, supported or learn more about your Spirituality, you are in the right place. Read the class description to get all the info you need to know about how to sign up for the class and how much it is. Please rsvp!
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Upcoming events (5+)

Psychic Fair at Goddess I AM

Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center

Join us for our monthly Psychic & Healing Fair! Every 3rd Saturday of the month. Experience short, yet transformational sessions with our seasoned readers & healers. You may select from tarot, oracle, Angelic, vibrational, shamanic, alchemical and psychic readings. What do all of these things mean? It means that you can choose the type of reading you receive based on the connection you feel to the energy that our readers & healers work with. If you align with Angels, choose an Angel reading. If you are drawn to Shamanic work or Native American beliefs--choose a Shamanic Reading. Past Lives are interesting to explore as well. We are here to help you to decide if you are still unsure. I call it a "Reading" but each of our Goddess I AM readers are also healers--so readings and healings go hand in hand. Everyone who sits with our readers is receiving "healing energy." Often you will be given ideas and advice on ways to improve your situation. We all believe in the axiom, "Teach a man to fish..." You will be guided with lighthearted and powerful energies from each of our readers. You will be more balanced and freer of "your baggage" when you leave here...even if you didn't have a reading. We have energies placed in the shop to heal all who come here. We also have crystals placed in alignment with awesome healing energy to uplift and inspire you. We do allow appointments to be made in advance to ensure the time you wait is minimal. [masked]. $30 for 20 minutes.

Art of Allowing followed by Healing Meditation

Light The Way Spiritual Center


Do you love the Abraham-Hicks material? Never heard of them and want to learn what their work is about? Want to learn how to practice it in your daily life? We will be working with the Ask and It Is Given book. We will also incorporate other teachings as from teachers like Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and others. My intention is to guide you to trusting your own inner voice/Self, your Soul Self. Learn how to intentionally create your day to day life experience. We end the group with a Heart Opening Meditation. Bring a blanket and/or pillow if you choose to lay down during the meditation portion. So let’s begin…..

Spiritual Enlightenment Circle with Jennie

The Mystical Moon

What are you resisting? In this class we discuss, through real life experiences, the lessons the Universe is trying to teach us. Some may refer to this class as a form of “Spiritual Therapy”. During this class we are working towards healing ourselves. Through exploring our story and changing our perception, we can change the future for us and those around us. Jennie Martin is an empathic, psychic intuitive who has the ability to see what may be holding you back and why you are going through this specific journey you are given. During this class you will receive a message from not only Jennie but your classmates also! $15 The Mystical Moon 8890 Salrose Lane #107 Ft Myers, FL 33912 RSVP[masked]

OPEN Psychic & Mediumship Development Message Circle

The Brooks Executive Center


OUR PROGRESSIVE PSYCHIC & MEDIUMSHIP DEVELOPMENT PRACTICE & MESSAGE CIRCLE What is a psychic & mediumship development circle? A development & practice circle is a group of people that meet regularly with the intent to develop their psychic gifts of the spirit such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience so as to be more adept at using these gifts in mediumistic communication, trance or healing. What can a circle do for you? Circle work is the process, which leads to the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other psychic gifts used in mediumship, and at its most basic point, helps the development of your own personal intuition. It also increases your ability to make better decisions for yourself in your life. If you would like to develop your clairs-those psychic gifts of the spirit- and learn to work with your own spirit guides, a development circle is the way to do it! And if your ultimate goal is to become a medium, the development of your psychic skills forms the cornerstone of mediumship. INTERESTED IN DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC AND MEDIUMISTIC ABILITIES? HERE ARE SOME MORE BENEFITS OF JOINING OUR PROGRESSIVE PSYCHIC & MEDIUMSHIP DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE: Would you like to learn how to read energy? Everyone is born with intuition and psychic gifts-would you like to develop yours? Do you enjoy receiving Spirit Messages? Would you like to learn how to relay Spirit Messages and perform readings? For those with more background—are you feeling you’ve reached a plateau in your mediumistic or psychic development? Would you like to step-up your game and improve your accuracy in relaying evidential messages to your sitter? For everyone--would you like to learn more effective ways to receive intuitive guidance and make better life decisions? THE SECRET TO SUCCESS IN ALL OF THE ABOVE? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! And what better way than under the guidance of a skilled teaching medium who can offer you one-on-one coaching and give you tips and techniques to accelerate your progress! This is your opportunity to leave behind insufficient training, poor message presentation habits and ineffective spirit communication methods and join the only Spiritualist Psychic & Mediumship Development Open Practice & Message Circle in the area that is held every week of the year. Participation in this well-established Development Message Circle will enable you to build the proper foundation for enhancing the unfoldment of your intuitive gifts. The instruction you will receive in our Progressive Mediumship Development & Practice Circle, which has been running successfully for over twelve years, is the finest and most comprehensive you will find in SWFL! In this Progressive Development Circle, you will learn how to maximize your spiritual, psychic and mediumistic abilities! This is the kind of training you will receive in this development circle, as Rev. Maria Viva is considered to be one of the best development teachers in the field. Membership in our progressive Mediumship Development Practice Circle provides you with training in many forms of Meditation, Psychic Development, Recognition of the Clairs, Chakras, Energy Work, Mediumship, Spiritual/ Energy Healing and much more. Sitters begin their development in this Open Practice Circle format and then after achieving measurable skill and prowess will move into a higher-level, Closed Development Circle which intensifies their mediumship and spiritual development, thus achieving the goal of skilled evidential mediumship in a shorter amount of time. Our open circle members receive cutting-edge instruction and practice in all types of metaphysical subjects, in addition to also learning exclusive psychic, mediumistic and healing tools (personally developed by Rev. Maria Viva) that are specifically-designed to accelerate your development, producing tangible results within months of dedicated participation in the Circle. ALL WRITING MATERIALS, NOTEBOOKS AND HANDOUTS WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOUR USE WHILE YOU ARE IN CIRCLE. YOU NEED ONLY BRING YOURSELF! FACT: Every person has been born with the gift of natural intuition, and maximizing that gift enables us to make better decisions and improve the quality of our lives on a daily basis. Mediumship Development also uncovers many other kinds of spiritual gifts that lie within us but are not yet recognized. The gift of true mediumship, in particular, is one that is cultivated gradually through steady dedication, practice and proper training by highly skilled teachers. This is truly healing and holy work, as it serves Spirit and mankind. IMPORTANT FACTS TO KNOW ABOUT BECOMING A MEDIUM It is not the single class, weekend or week of classes given by any teacher, renowned or not, that makes a medium—the gift of great mediumship is crafted only through steady dedication and practice over a period of time, under the direction of a skilled teaching medium. The goal of every medium is to learn how to make each reading a valid, healing experience for every sitter. At the very least, every capable medium should be able to consistently make and hold a solid link to Spirit, connect with multiple identifiable spirit communicators for each sitter and accurately provide the sitter with solid evidential information for each spirit communicator, thus showing through the evidence obtained that love survives physical death. This forms the foundation for a good mediumship reading, and the well-trained medium will then be able to build upon this foundation in order to deliver a truly unforgettable reading through the use of more advanced methods and techniques. Choosing to attend a Psychic & Mediumship Development Message & Practice Circle is the traditional way of unfoldment for most starting a program of development. In England and here in the United States, most of the finest mediums produced in the Spiritualist movement have sat in development circles for years to train their abilities in mediumship, trance or healing. This ‘traditional’ way of development is to sit in a Development Circle led by a circle leader, a medium who has had years of experience in leading the circle. The modern way of developing a medium still uses the development circle but also adds intense education in theory, sharp psychological insight and experiential practice to accelerate the aspiring medium's development within the circle. The teacher is skilled at discerning the individual needs of each circle member and knows exactly what is needed to bolster strong abilities and transform weaknesses into positive attributes for each participant, especially during the supervised practice portion of the message circle. As they deliver spirit messages, the circle member will be shown tips and techniques for improving their mediumship, as the teaching medium will coach each person individually in message format and delivery, thus ensuring excellent mediumship practices from the very beginning. To commit to a Circle can be a way: To develop your psychic and intuitive abilities and make better decisions in life To learn how to work with your Spirit Guides & Helpers To learn how to become an excellent, skilled medium To learn how to build a foundation for more advanced work in Mediumship To prepare for trance or work in other altered states To train in Spiritual Healing A BIT OF BIO Rev. Maria’s natural ability was enhanced and wealth of knowledge gained through study, experience and practice n the metaphysical field for over forty years. She has trained in mediumship with some of the most gifted mediums in the world, from Lily Dale NY and the Arthur Findlay College in Standsted, UK. Rev. Maria also possesses the special mediumship ability to channel inspirational messages and writings from Higher Guides, and can produce Psychic Art--Spirit Portraits of Spirit Guides and Loved Ones who have passed over. As healing is also an integral part of her life's mission, Rev. Maria is a certified Usui Reiki and Animal Reiki Master/Teacher, a life-path coach, spiritual counselor, and a Certified Past-Life Regressionist and Hypnotist, and has also trained in many other diverse energy healing modalities. She incorporates all of her knowledge and training where applicable in her classes and circles so students receive the benefit of decades of education and experience unmatched anywhere in SWFL. Come join our Circle Family and take your mediumship, psychic and healing abilities to new heights! We meet Spirit every Tuesday evening in a heartfelt evening of unfoldment, guidance and warm fellowship. All levels of experience are welcome, but we must limit participation to persons aged 16 years and older. See you in Circle! A BIT OF ADMIN RSVP absolutely required--please RSVP by 1:00 PM the day of circle. Please notify us ASAP in case of unexpected RSVP cancellations as the number of circle participants is strictly monitored and your cancellation can open a seat for someone else. You can message/email Rev. Maria through Meetup or call[masked] anytime if you would like more information or need to change your RSVP. The cost is $20.00 and payments are accepted in cash. IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a standing appointment with Spirit and every effort should be made to arrive on time. Doors lock promptly at 7:05 PM for the evening and latecomers will not be admitted to Circle once it has been sealed. CIRCLE CANCELLATION PROCEDURE In case of emergency or unexpected circumstances that might occur, circle may have to be cancelled for the evening. For our regular members, Rev. Maria will call/text and email each member to advise them as soon as possible of the cancellation. For members coming in through Meetup, Rev. Maria will send an email through the Meetup Notification System to all members who RSVP'd YES to the Meetup for that evening.

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Full Moon Ceremony with Laurie Barraco

The Mystical Moon

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