• Art of Allowing followed by meditation

    Light The Way Spiritual Center


    Do you love the Abraham-Hicks material? Never heard of them and want to learn what their work is about? Want to learn how to practice it in your daily life? We will be working with the Ask and It Is Given book. We will also incorporate other teachings as from teachers like Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and others. My intention is to guide you to trusting your own inner voice/Self, your Soul Self. Learn how to intentionally create your day to day life experience. We end the group with a Heart Opening Meditation. Bring a blanket and/or pillow if you choose to lay down during the meditation portion. So let’s begin…..

  • Breath of Life.......Music of the Spheres

    Barre Fusion

    • What we'll do Feb 8th, 22nd,March 8th 22nd, April 5th 6:30 PM Breath of Life Music of the Spheres Conscious Connective Breathing is a dynamic meditation of breathing in a room filled with sounds of trans-ambient, ethereal, and percussive music. Energy blocks will be released throughout your entire being! You will be lead on a deeply powerful journey from the superficial daily experience to the depths of your heart and soul. This class is for those committed to creating change and peace in their lives. It is like nothing you have ever done before. A truly amazing ride providing a much needed catalyst to growth and development. Breathwork and reki attunements facilitated by Linda. Transformational frequencies and vibrations provided by Dana's dynamic Gongs and Bowls. Bring a desire to release whatever no longer serves you as well as pillow, blanket, mat for comfy body so spirit can soar! $30 Barre Fusion, 13040 Livingston Rd #2, Naples, FL 34105 . RSVP:[masked]. www.quantumhealing-sacredsound.com • What to bring • Important to know


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    ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR MEDIUMSHIP? IS IMPROVING YOUR ACCURACY, LINKING FASTER & HOLDING LONGER, STRONGER LINKS TO SPIRIT A MAJOR GOAL? DO YOU HAVE THE DEDICATION AND FORTITUDE TO COMMIT TO AN INTENSIVE DEVELOPMENT REGIMEN IN EVIDENTIAL MEDIUMSHIP ? BASED ON YOUR LEVEL OF SKILL AND YOUR DEDICATION, PARTICIPATION IN THIS ACCELERATED TRAINING AND PRACTICE CIRCLE IS A POWERFUL, DIRECT WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR MEDIUMSHIP. IF YOU: >Want to relay highly-accurate, evidential Spirit Messages every time >Would like to learn new techniques that will give you that WOW! piece of >evidence to your sitter >Want to learn how to work with multiple Spirit Communicators >Have reached a plateau in your mediumship and need the tools to move you up to the next level HERE IS THE SOLUTION ! This is your opportunity to leave behind insufficient training, poor message presentation habits, lack of platform skills and ineffective spirit communication methods and join the only Evidential Mediumship Accelerated Development Circle in the SWFL area! ABOUT OUR CIRCLE Most members of our Evidential Mediumship Accelerated Development Circle began their study of mediumship as members of the Open Mediumship & Psychic Development Message Circle and have have decided to grow their skills further in the direction of Evidential Mediumship. All members in this circle are fully dedicated to the intensive study and advancement of their gifts in mediumship. They know that their personal progress is further enhanced by the “energetic battery effect” produced by the group as a whole, so earnest commitment and attendance is a key factor for success when faster progress is desired. Working in this Accelerated Development Circle is the most rigorous kind of circle work; it enhances the development of your abilities faster than in an Open Circle. Full dedication and participation is paramount and members generally keep their absences to a minimum, if any. Entry into this Evidential Mediumship Accelerated Development Circle assumes the participants have some experience in message work and basic knowledge of the psychic gifts of the spirit. Members will meet on a specific day and time every other week. There are fixed protocols which the sitters will learn and use so that everybody can profit steadily from the circle work. Confidence and a positive atmosphere are essential for Spirit to come close and cooperate and any kind of competition should be avoided. A circle must be supportive, harmonious and an additional source of unfoldment for each sitter. In mediumship we are meant to be of service to Spirit, not to be self-serving. In this work, ego gratification has no place at all. Taking part in this Accelerated Development Circle carries a spiritual bonus, because the training you receive, the exercises you perform, and the mediumistic techniques and tips you will learn become a permanent part of your gift, ready for future use as you grow your mediumship even further. All members in this circle enter a specific cooperation both with each other and with their own guides. This specific energy work gives each member so much in return because of the contact with the Spirit World and each other. Everybody advances at a faster pace in this circle! As a result of having the Spirit World so close, week after week, specific abilities are developed more quickly and the spiritual quality of your life is also strengthened. Mediums are always a work in process—always refining their craft, always striving towards ever-higher standards of service to Spirit. And it is in this holy and sacred service to our Creator, in our effort to develop the gifts of the spirit inherent in all of us, we are truly blessed! See you in Circle! THIS EVIDENTIAL MEDIUMSHIP ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE IS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF REV. MARIA VIVA, WIDELY CONSIDERED TO BE THE FOREMOST TEACHING MEDIUM IN SWFL. Rev. Maria's natural ability was enhanced and her wealth of knowledge gained through study, experience and practice in the metaphysical field for over forty years. She has trained in mediumship with some of the most gifted evidential mediums from the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK and Lily Dale NY. She specializes in Mediumship Development, and has taught thousands of hours of circles, classes and workshops in Mediumship, personally mentoring hundreds of mediumship students at beginners level up to advanced levels of experience. Rev. Maria is a highly-skilled medium and circle leader who has had years of teaching experience, a formal education in mediumship theory and practice, and possesses sound psychological insight and sharp discrimination in leading the mediumship circle. As a teaching medium, she is proficient at discerning the individual needs of each circle member and knows exactly what is needed to accentuate the strengths and develop any weaknesses found in each member’s abilities. In addition, Rev. Maria holds Certifications in Usui Reiki-Master/Teacher & Animal Reiki, Past- Life Regression (under Dick Sutphen), Healing Grief /Understanding Bereavement Support (under David Kessler); Training in Compassion Fatigue (International Association of Trauma Professionals) with Dr. Eric Gentry, NLP, EFT, Healing Touch and many other integrated healing modalities. RSVP REQUIRED--RSVP’S Accepted NOW through 1:30 PM LATEST the day of circle. Kindly notify Rev. Maria through Meetup, via email or at[masked] in case of unforeseen cancellation of a positive RSVP as soon as possible. FEE: The fee is $20.00 payable in cash/ck; no credit cards. IMPORTANT: Numbers count, so in order to ensure an energetically-viable experience, no circle will be held with less than six participants. Please note that this is a standing appointment with Spirit and every effort should be made to arrive on time. Doors lock promptly at 7:05 PM for the evening and latecomers will not be admitted to Circle once it has been sealed. CIRCLE CANCELLATION PROCEDURE In case of emergency or due to unexpected circumstances, circle may have to be cancelled for the evening. For our regular members, Rev. Maria will call/text and email each member to advise them as soon as possible of the cancellation. For members coming in through Meetup, Rev. Maria will send an email through the Meetup Notification System to all members who RSVP'd YES to the Meetup. See the link below for a map and directions to the Brooks Executive Center: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=205666369768196744188.0004b74aa891c90b970c9&ie=UTF8&ll=26.396934,-81.788036&spn=0,0&t=m&vpsrc=1&source=embe

  • Spiritual Connection Guided Meditation Evening with Candyce Strafford

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    Psychic/medium, Candyce Strafford will lead a guided meditation to bring relaxation, healing, balance and a greater connection to your psychic self. She's been leading this meditation in the Naples area for over 15 years and has witnessed amazing life altering changes and spiritual growth in the people attending. It's for everyone and is a loving, supportive atmosphere created by everyone attending. All seeking peace, wanting to meet like minded people and greater understanding of the "Spiritual" world would love this evening. Everyone always leaves feeling better than they arrived. Candyce occasionally gives personal messages for those attending. A light discussion on anything metaphysical accompanies the evening after meditation. Bring your questions! email [masked] for more information This evening is a love offering donation evening.

  • Midday Meditation with Gwen Peterson

    Zoom Class

    Come join me for a midday meditation. It will be about 30 min. This is a silent meditation. Use this time to reset your day, your week or new month. Here is the link. https://zoom.us/j/2395951587 Just come and sit; connecting with the energy of the Archangels and Ascended Masters for your own personal healing or transformation work. If you enjoy this time with me, you can buy me a cofee at http://ko-fi.com/insightsandilluminations Gwen Peterson Founder of Spiritual Communities Network Mentor of Insights and Illuminations Leader of FemCity Naples Collective

  • Personalized Healing Session

    Needs a location

    Join us for a Special Afternoon of Healing Are you seeking help? Do you feel alone and isolated? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you feel that no one understands or can help you? Then come participate in the group healing meditation led by Kristi Oen, an Advanced Intuitive Spiritual Healer. The healing is specific for the people present. It is very powerful and moving for all. You will also have a chance to ask questions and get personalized help. FREE to attend the first time 1. Friend Kristi Oen on Facebook 2. Request to join this secret group https://www.facebook.com/groups/painhelpmembership/ This is part of the PAIN Help Monthly Membership Community which has many perks including, classes, healings and meditations Only $17/month painhelpmember.kristioen.com Questions: Private message Kristi Oen[masked] [masked]

  • Transformative Meditation

    Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center

    Group guided meditation is a powerful practice to help you feel grounded, nurtured, centered and peaceful. Join Beth as she creates a sacred space to release any stuck energy, anxiety or stress. Nurture your intentions as you are guided into a deep meditative state. We connect to Angels, Guides, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and more to engage in profound meaning and truth on our paths. Wednesdays at 6:00pm. $10

  • Crystal Bowl Meditation and Spirit Messages with Nikki Marie

    Join us every Wednesday at 7 pm for a 30-minute Crystal Bowl Meditation and Spirit Messages. This class offers the perfect opportunity to recharge your energy, rebalance your chakras, and to reconnect to your Higher Self as well as with Spirit. We will focus our energy on an area intuitively guided by Spirit. Nikki Marie is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Musician who has years of experience in leading these healing meditations. After the meditation she will open the space and offer any messages your Guides, Loved Ones, or Higher Self may have brought through during the meditation. ** Ages 12 & up ** $20- includes entry into the park If you are interested in attending this event simply go to TheGypsySeaWitch.com , go to the events page, select this event, and follow the prompts to complete your purchase. If you would like to attend but prefer to pay with cash please PM us to receive a gate code to access the park after hours. There are plenty of chairs available if you prefer or you can feel free to bring a yoga mat, meditation cushion or blanket for comfort purposes. RSVP The Gypsy Sea Witch[masked]

  • Tarot 201

    Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center

    Deepen your knowledge of the spiritual science of tarot through the study of the Marjor Aracana. These "High Vibration" cards discuss the journey of the spiritual seeker, providing insights and practical understandings of the Path. In this workshop, we will work with the first cycle of the Major Arcana, cards 0-X or, The Fool through The Wheel of Fortune. Tarot 201 with Jamie Shane RSVP: goddessiam.com or (239)[masked] $40

  • Soul Journey Meditation at Goddess I AM

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    Friday mornings at 10am, join Beth for a guided meditation where we journey to vast and varied healing spaces, inner sanctuaries, and connect with Higher Beings. These healing meditations are powerful and profound. Beth often channels the entire meditation, which at times brings new ideas and techniques for moving through life in ease and grace. We end with each person drawing an Oracle card. 30 minute meditation with discussion following. $10 Please share and invite friends to join our meditation group. This is a special morning for all of us. We are filled with Love, Light and smiles when everyone leaves. It's like being on a Spiritual High-which carries through to the next meditation...