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Soul Memory Discovery w/ Beth Brown-Rinella

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Soul Memory Discovery which involves releasing past life information, traumas, and separation from Source. Once released, the habits, fears, beliefs and self-sabotaging holograms fall away. This is empowering and permanent.

How do past lives impact our current life?

Are we the same person each time we incarnate?

How do our past life deaths play into this life?

Do I only have one path? What if I fall off of it?

Do we only have one perfect mate?

How can I change negative patterns?

How can I stop self-sabotaging my life?

I hate to meditate, what else can I do to center myself?

How can I become more psychic?

Beth is the owner of Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center. Offering readings, healing work, classes and a large retail space. Located at 600 Goodlette Rd. in Naples. Beth Brown-Rinella has been studying and living metaphysics for 25+ years. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. She speaks to Angels and they help her heal her clients. Beth is a facilitator of Soul Memory Discovery, a powerful and profound healing modality. She is a powerful channeler and often brings through big energies such as The Sheckinah. Beth is a teacher of many classes such as psychic development, pendulums, meditation, crystal healing, chakra clearing and cord cutting, etc...if you wish to suggest a class, feel free to call her.

website phone 239-228-6949.

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