What we're about

This is a group of people who come together to grow shift ,change develop,relearn,renew, rejuvenate,strengthened,and be

empowered in a safe sacred place.

Alternative healing methods that honor the physical,mental,emotional and spiritual layers of the body.Bringing the body back into balance holistically.

A growing community where it is OK to be YOU.

Do you ever ask your self questions like

1)Who Am I ?

2) What is my purpose?

3)Why am I here?

4)Is this all there is?

5)Are there good things in side of me that are waiting to get out ?

6)How do I express my truth?

7)How do I let go of the past so I can be free to move forward?

8)How can I make a difference?

9)How can I be a better me?

Searching for answers

through self reflection,meditation,writing and self discovery

brings you to a higher vibrational energy ,where

questions get answered Resulting in a more meaningful,happy,healthy fulfilled life.

Upcoming events (5+)

Reiki 1

Soul Spirit Salt Spa

The Certified Reiki 1 course is a one-day course which covers the following: What Reiki is The uses and benefits of Reiki The Reiki Principles The History of Reiki Introduction to Chakras A grounding meditation and Chakra meditation Feeling and sensing energy( Becoming an energy intuitive) Four Reiki Attunements (Raises your vibration) Hand Positions for self treatment Hand Positions for treatment of others How to conduct a Reiki session Practical exercises of giving and receiving Reiki In First Degree training you will receive four attunements. These attunements are focused mainly on opening up the physical body so that it can accept the Reiki energy, During Reiki 1 training, you learn how to feel energy and many practical exercises are used throughout the course. You are also taught the general principles of Reiki and become familiarized with its history and roots. On a practical level, you will also be taught how to give a treatment, firstly to yourself and secondly to other people. This part of the course assists the integration of the energy and gives you the tools to become a Reiki Practitioner. Following the attunement is a 28 day period called the cleansing period and many students find themselves undergoing positive personal changes and spiritual growth which can be a very powerful and very rewarding time. Price $150.00 Includes lunch and manual

Spiritual Tools Workshop

Soul Spirit Connection

Did you ever wonder how you can navigate through life with more grace ease and at PEACE. The more tools we have the easier it is to get through the tough stuff that usually can bury us in darkness and depression or knock us out of our HAPPY place. Well you can say STOP THE MADNESS NOW and choose differently. This night will be filled with techniques that help combat that darkness and replace it with light. These tools will help you to build your spiritual muscles while gaining back your power.Having the right tools will get the job done. You will feel more equipped to go out and live a more comfortable, confident and connected life that feels more on purpose. This would make a great gift to a family or friend taking the workshop together. Energy exchange $25.00

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair,

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. ( the chair helps you to feel safe and supported) while gaining strength and balance from within. It is in the process of being recognized formally as a type of yoga distinct from other types, such as Iyengar Yoga or Ashtanga yoga.We will also do some breathing exercises and a mini meditation. Your body will let go of stress and stagnant energy and replacing it with the positive energy and lots of oxygen needed for the cells to do their job. By the end of the class you'll be refreshed, rejuvenated, replenished,rehydrated and rebalanced to go about your day. Wear comfortable clothing. It would be nice to know if your coming so I can set up the right amount of chairs! text or call[masked]

Meditation instead of Medication

Soul Spirit Salt Spa

We meet every Wednesday night 7-8 for a guided meditation. First time mediators up to the advanced are welcome.It is a very friendly group of people coming together to unplug from life and fill up with that peace(peice) that we are all searching for in our lives. You are whole and complete just the way you are! Maybe just not feeding yourself the real energy needed to sustain us in this tough world we live in.We get so out of balance by be human doings and not enough human being!We lose site of what is important and get out of kilter. That is where taking the time to meditate will give you BALANCE and the PEACE your SOUL is searching for Life becomes sweeter and so much easier to deal with. You want that RIGHT!!!!!! Suggested donation$10.00

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Meditation instead of Medication

Soul Spirit Salt Spa

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