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The "Spiritual Singles of the SF Bay Area" MeetUp is your answer to where to meet other spiritual, high-vibration single men and women in the Bay Area!

The "Spiritual Singles of the SF Bay Area" MeetUp Is for You If You Are Single and You . . .

• wonder where to go to meet other quality, conscious singles

• are wanting to meet a potential partner "organically" instead of relying on online dating sites

• enjoy getting to connect with others in a deep, real and authentic way

• are introverted and find it easier and less stressful to get to know others in structured social settings, with guided exercises and prompts

• want to increase your dating and relating skills so that you feel more confident and attractive to the opposite sex

• appreciate settings that feel safe and heart-based, where you can be yourself and know you won't be judged or rejected, only appreciated and celebrated!

Types of Events:

• Quarterly "Creative Slow Speed Dating" events for single men and women (40-65)

• Ongoing evening classes just for women (i.e. "Get Ready to Meet your Soul-Mate" series)

• New programs and offerings TBA!

Please join us for our next event!
Love and Blessings, Jan

P.S. Creating a "safe space" here is of primary importance. This is not a dating site. Please do not contact individual members with proposals to date, "hook-up," etc. Individuals who violate this guideline will be asked to leave the group. Instead, come to one of our fun slow-speed dating events to meet opposite-sex singles in person.

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Jan, M.A. is among the top tantra teachers in the U.S. and is a relationship intimacy expert. She's taught men, women, and couples in 7 different countries how to create deeply connected, playful, passionate intimate relationships. Her mission is to end the war between the sexes and herald in the WOW between the sexes. Join Jan's global movement to learn to interact with one another as men and women that brings out the best and highest gifts of our empowered masculine and feminine natures. Magnetize your new paradigm soul-mate relationship that grows and expands in love, passion, and consciousness. www. (http://www.irresistiblyfeminine.com)multidimensionalpleasure.com

Upcoming events (2)

Slow-Speed Date Night for High-Vibe Singles - Sebastopol

Temple on Pleasant Hill

* Are you done with online dating and are looking to find real love in the real world? * Are you at loss about where to go in the SF Bay Area to meet other attractive, conscious, like-minded singles? Free yourself from the drag and drama of dating-as-usual and have fun being with a group of high-vibe, heart-centered singles. Enjoy up to 15 mini-dates and authentic, face-to-face connections in one evening! FEATURES: --10 or more "Slow-Speed" mini-dates designed to create authentic, meaningful new connections and mutual matches --A safe, sacred, and sensual atmosphere in a beautiful, spiritually-activated temple space --A quality group of 20-30 spiritually-oriented singles and expert facilitation of heart-opening interactive exercises Who's It For? Slow-Speed Date Night for Spiritual Singles is for Bay Area singles seeking conscious love and romantic partnership, who value personal growth and spirituality, mediation, yoga, mindful- & sustainable-living and & who dream of contributing to the world with their partner through the expanded love that emerges when two souls meet. ***[NOTE: You MUST purchase a ticket for this event in advance through EventBrite at the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/slow-speed-date-night-for-high-vibe-singles-sebastopol-tickets-56598443468 ] Why "Slow-Speed" Dating? When I was single, while I really liked the idea of meeting a whole lot of single, relationship-oriented men in person in a single evening, I shrank at the idea of "speed" dating! I wanted something deeper, more meaningful, and soul-satisfying. So I created it. I call this "Slow-Speed" Dating because, when you are in your heart, time slows down. The heart (4th chakra) relates to the 4th dimension of time. Think about a time when you've lost yourself in kissing or passionate, dreamy lovemaking. Time no longer flows according to ordinary perception. The basis of interaction at Slow-Speed Date Night is the spirit of the "Namaste" (i.e. "the Divine in you sees and honors the Divine in me"). The event is inspired by the modern Western "tantra puja." This is a ritual in which which opposite sex members share a simple, conscious Divine-Human connection that goes beyond the level of conditioned mind and personality and into the essential self. What's the Age Range? There is no restricted age range for this event. Participants are self-selecting based upon shared values of presence, self-awareness, authenticity, sexual-spiritual integration and feminine-masculine balance. In past events, participants range from their mature 30s to their youthful 60s. ---->>> Early registration ends on March 16, 2019 so get your ticket today and save! Purchase your advanced ticket via EventBrite (An RSVP on Meetup does NOT reserve your seat): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/slow-speed-date-night-for-high-vibe-singles-sebastopol-tickets-56598443468 * * * PRAISE FROM PAST PARTICIPANTS! "Hi Jan, Thank you for your amazing ability to create deep connection and authentic presence with a bunch of single conscious strangers. Very magically done! Much Love to you Jan!!" ~Ginni "Thank you so much for showing me/us what is possible, with adding a little awareness and consciousness to love and passion. WoW! Love what you showed us about breath and how can be used in exchanges, giving and receiving. I am very excited to see what is next. Your approach toward dating definitely raises my bar." ~Michael "Jan is a natural facilitator when it comes to matters of the heart. Thanks for setting the vibe for a lovely evening of connecting and mingling!" ~Kim "Really good people showing up to this. Jan made the entire event an absolute pleasure. It was way better than I imagined any kind of speed dating scene could be!" ~Dune MORE INFO AND TICKET PURCHASE at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/slow-speed-date-night-for-high-vibe-singles-sebastopol-tickets-56598443468

Stay tuned for the next Slow Speed Date Night Event!
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