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Welcome Spiritual Singles of the SF Bay Area!

The "Spiritual Singles of of the SF Bay Area" MeetUp is your answer to where to meet other spiritual, high-vibration single men and women looking for love and ideal partnership in the Bay Area.

The purpose of our group is to bring together like-minded, open-hearted, conscious singles (40s and up) for fun and mutually nourishing connection and the opportunity to meet a potential new beloved, soulmate, or life partner.

"Spiritual Singles of of the SF Bay Area" Is for You If You Are Single and You . . .

• wonder where to go to meet other quality, conscious singles

• prefer to meet a potential partner "organically" rather than on a dating app

• enjoy connecting with others in a deep, real and authentic way

• feel more relaxed and less-stressed getting to know others in a structured social setting, with guided exercises and dating prompts

• want to increase your dating and relating skills so that you feel more confident and attractive to the opposite sex

• appreciate a safe, sacred setting where you can be yourself and know you won't be judged or rejected, only appreciated and celebrated!

Types of Events You Can Join Us for:

• Slow-Speed Date Night events (both in-person and online)

• Fun Group Date Night events (virtual) to gather in community and deepen your connections

• Tantric Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality Classes

• Other offerings to support blissful, fulfilling love and conscious partnership between women and men.

Community Values

Our community embraces the values of presence, embodiment, authenticity, consent, playfulness, integrity, and conscious relating.

Please join us for our next event!

Much Love and Many Blessings, Jan Robinson, M.A.
Your Personal Guide to Your Date with Destiny

P.S. Creating a "safe space" here is of primary importance. This is not a dating site. Please do not contact individual members with proposals to date, "hook-up," etc. Individuals who violate this guideline will be asked to leave the group. Instead, come to one of our fun slow-speed dating events to meet opposite-sex singles virtually or in person.

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Your Organizer
Jan Robinson, M.A. is among the top tantra teachers in the U.S. and is a relationship intimacy expert of 20 years. She's taught men, women, and couples across the U.S. and Europe how to create deeply connected, playful, passionate intimate relationships. Her mission is to restore the dynamic balance and harmony between the feminine and masculine principles and to celebrate the WOW! between the sexes. Join Jan's global movement to learn to interact with one another as men and women that brings out the best and highest gifts of our empowered masculine and feminine natures. Magnetize your new-paradigm soul-mate relationship that grows and expands in love, passion, intimacy and consciousness.

For more info, please visit
http://www.multidimensionalpleasure.com (http://www.multidimensionalpleasure.com/)
Joyfully Attract the Love of Your Life!

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