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Welcome to Spiritual Singles of South Florida!

We recognize that it's difficult to be a spiritual person - and especially a spiritual single - in this not-very-spiritual world.

We live in a world where spirituality is at a low ebb, where materiality rules. We've put people on the Moon, explored out beyond our solar system into the galaxy, and invented mobile phones that would make us look like gods to more "primitive" cultures. But our leaders - political, artistic, scientific, religious, etc. - don't give real, meaningful spirituality much attention. And many people around us don't take spirituality seriously, or even understand it.

Yet the material world can't escape the spiritual foundation of life. The deeper that we probe into nature through quantum physics - and the farther out we probe into the far reaches of time and space through astronomy - the more we are led back to spirituality, to consciousness, to that which was here before the big bang, to that from which everything emerges and to which everything returns. That is called by so many names: Source, cosmic intelligence, samadhi, the transcendent, the Self, Being, the "peace that passeth all understanding", etc. Over and over, even our material, scientific world makes us bump up against the core spiritual questions:

(1) Who am I (at my core, at my source)? - Shiva/yang/infinite silence

(2) What is the real, subtle, energetic nature of this world I live in, beneath all the surface boundaries? - Shakti/yin/unbounded dynamism

(3) What is my true relationship to this world?

(4) And most practically - what can I do to unfold all my dormant potential, my full 100% consciousness, my birthright as a human - instead of using only 5-10% consciousness as most people do? What is the spiritual path I should walk?

As spiritual beings, we look around at this crazy world in which we live, and we know "this can't be all that there is!"

So, to be a spiritual person in this world is not an easy path. To be a spiritual person looking for the company of other spiritual people - who can understand us, appreciate us, grow with us, help us unfold our true nature - can be frustrating.

In this group, we hope to alleviate some of that frustration by creating a space where spiritual people can find each other, communicate, and share the spiritual path with other like-minded seekers.


(1) Be respectful. There are many, many approaches to the spiritual path - all are welcome here. Sincere discussion and questioning are encouraged; but hostility, name-calling, personal attacks, criticizing someone's path or beliefs - these are NOT welcome. Let's maintain a safe space.

(2) Be loving - support and encourage each other;

(3) Honor everyone's boundaries (don't push your attention on anyone who is not receptive);

(4) Maintain confidentiality - what happens here stays here.

Again, welcome to our group. Please enjoy our resources and let me know how we may be of service.

Michael/Maheshvara - Group Organizer

Dr. Michael Dean Goodman • Boca Raton, FL • 561-350-3930 • tantra@cheerful.com

• Author, speaker, mentor, spiritual guide

• Director: The Namaste Center • Ph.D. in vedic knowledge • Initiated spiritual teacher: Turiya Meditation, Patanjali's ashtanga yoga, ayur veda (healthy lifestyle & diet), tantra, vedanta

• Director: The Relationship Institute • Ph.D. in counseling • Relationship & Intimacy Coach ("The Relationship Doctor")

• Performing musician • Drum circle organizer • Photographer of beauty - in nature & people • Partner dance teacher & DJ (ballroom, Latin, tango, etc.) • Published performance artist

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