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A Community Where One Can Center Their Mind

My name is Brandon and I work with Zenter as a community builder. The purpose behind Zenter is to empower the minds of our current and up coming generation.

Our vision is to see people from all walks of life live a balanced life.

Through finding themselves, connecting with their infinite self, experiencing their inner truth & purpose. Offering a place to meet and build new relationships, get a job or create a job, learn entrepreneurship skills, and learn what to apply, why, how, and when to apply "spirituality/energy/breath" concepts and health fitness exercise.
These will elevate the mind, and body of a person in order to give them the balance to maintain a steady, joyful, peaceful, courage and consistency in their personal life, workspace or during the pursuit of establishing or transitioning their passions into an asset to serve them and our society.

Knowledge, Connections & Activities:
{(Spirituality, Meditation, Psychology/Neuroscience, E-comerece, Traditional Business, Home Based Business, Cinematography or Performing arts (Actress/Actors/Musicians/Art)}

We understand that having a business, building one, or pursuing any passion takes patience, motivation, inspiration, ENERGY, BELIEVE, and the right type of people around you. Therefore, we are setting practical activities into stages to deliver a transformation and connection.

During the pursue of creating and pursuing a passion we at times tend to lose track of family, and friendships and it is ironic considering some of us do it to leave a legacy for them and at the same time a legacy that will serve our society. The program we have in place will serve to balance a passion and purpose with relations.

Our goal in Zenter, it is to offer valuable content that is practical, offer tools, connections, support, inspiration, elevate one's believe level, motivation, direction and most important build new relationships that will open other doors and new ventures.

You will get the chance to connect and learn from influential members in our local community and from around the world. Hear their stories and learn the patterns they use to live by and now the new patterns they apply in their current day to day life. Habits that have produced results in their life.
Eventually, analyze and deconstruct your current patterns and mindset, in order to elevate, discover and customize a pattern that suits you and that accommodates with your current life schedule. πŸ€” ... and no we are not trying to brain wash πŸ˜±πŸ˜… anyone, these are just initial steps to serve you to take you to a level where you connect with you innersole and discover and find you individual inner truth. We are all different, but we must start somewhere. Our goal is to teach (wo)men how to build their own boat and fish. Creating independency and have Zenter be a place for you to network, learn, grow and be inspired to accomplish wonders.

We all face circumstances and challenges in life, one of our goals is to serve the people in adapting and growing from obstacles and view them as building block rather than "bad luck". By coming up with practical solutions to get us to where one desires to be. Either that mentally, Health, Spiritually, or Financially. 😳

Lets get to WEEDING out what does not serve us! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻

Here at Zenter, we will cover 7 Pillars throughout 8 Stages that will revolutionize our Mind, Body, Spirit and Believe level. Giving one the Power to not only stay grounded, but obtain and MAINTAIN true powers which are Self-Discipline, Peace, and Understanding in a fun and charismatic way with the determination of building consistency and conquering our "mountains".

Our digital mission is to influence, motivate and inspire our current and upcoming generation by leveraging social channels to use social channels in a productive way and offer a community where they can learn, earn, grow, network, engage and serve. Through expanding their mind, enhancing their perspective, mastering thoughts through our thought mechanic program, gaining direction and applying the context and have an experiential TRANSFORMATION.

If you believe in growing mentally, in relationships, spiritually, exploring within who you are, travel, wellness, financially and serving our society with our talents and gifts or want to discover what your purpose may be ZENTER will definitely be the place to where one can zen the mind and accomplish these objectives.

...Oh and yes as of now there is no cost. πŸ€™πŸ»
We do not plan on charging anyone to part take in the gatherings. We will go on field trips and those may have a cost, however, there will be free stay. If you'd like to contribute with a skill set or getting a buzz going, or monetarily that would be wonderful. πŸ™πŸ» We have put other specs into place previous to this pre-launch in order to deliver and serve our community.

We look forward towards meeting you & hearing from you!!!
If you have further question please feel free to send me or us a direct message via Social Media or Email:

- Us: @Zenpreneurs
- Me: @Influential.motivation
( Give Us a follow so we can expand our social brand to deliver the message ) πŸ™πŸΌ

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zenpreneurs/
- Email: teamzenpreneurs@gmail.com

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Zenter - - A Community For Zentrepreneurs To Center Their Mind

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