Spirit Power 101: Using Our Many Spiritual Gifts

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Spirituality Gatherings
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Unity Community

2027 W. March Lane · Stockton, CA

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Cross street is Grouse Run (behind BAC Building)

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With Dennis Alsop, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Coach.

This is a workshop to help us recognize and develop our natural spiritual abilities and to use them to help ourselves and others as part of our spiritual path, especially toward awakening to the greater truth of our spiritual nature. Most of us have had experiences that defy the common materialistic view of life which does not address consciousness - experiences that are often thought of as paranormal phenomena, like miraculous healing through prayer, touch, or thought, seeing the future, transpersonal communication, manifesting what we need, synchronicity, clairvoyance, protective intuition, sudden insight or knowing, and so on. These things have been part of human life since the dawn of history and are all just a natural reflection of our own spiritual nature. This class aims to provide a deeper understanding of these gifts, their development, and their place in our lives. The ideas are based on Dennis' own work and the work of consciousness pioneers like Dean Radin and Charles Tart, and they correspond greatly with chapter 11 in the Unity book “Lessons in Truth”.

$10 Suggested Love Offering is Appreciated.

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