Past Meetup

Our first Meet and Greet, led meditation and message circle

This Meetup is past

15 people went

Price: $10.00 /per person

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Use side door just steps off of Military Road. The door bell is located upper right hand corner of the door jam area. :)

This led meditation will start with a protection prayer , to enclose us in the white light. At which time we will do a few cleansing breaths, a relaxation technique, and then an opening of the chakra system. After we open the chakras we will consciously raise our vibrations. We will ask the spirits of the white light that wish to pass messages to us to please lower their vibrations. At this time we will sit in that energy for a few minutes, using all our senses so we may recieve messages. Just being open you may see colors people, places, objects, and symbols. You may hear voices, you may only hear your self telling you something, music, animals etc. You may just have a certain feeling, a happiness, sadness, uneasiness, coldness, heat etc. Your sense of, cigar, smells that trigger rememberances of yours that correlate with the message you are to give. And sometimes you just know something...and the big thing is to believe what you get! Even if it sounds totally bizarre, sometimes those are the most meaningful of messages! it is a time to come together, enjoy each others company, feel safe among like minded people and share experiences. Remember the message may not be clear at the time but we thank the universe and the giver for the message and wait and see. Sometimes it doesnt fit until months down the line. We will close down the chakras at the end, so not to leave anyone open. It isnt in your best interest to stay open to spirit at all times. If we have additional time we will talk about our own experiences. We look forward to seeing you all!

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