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Hello and welcome!
This is a support group for spiritually minded parents of autistic children, and children with other neurodevelopmental differences. (If you're wondering if your family qualifies, it probably does, please contact me to discuss it.)
It has come to my attention that with all of the supports available for families such as these, affected by neurodevelopmental differences, that there is still a gross neglect in the area of supporting spiritually minded parents of autistic children (as well as all of the other neurodevelopmental differences we are seeing so prevalently at this time). If you are a parent of one or more of these beautiful children, please come and give, as well as receive support from like minded others. Find your balance of giving and receiving in this area.
I am now happy to offer any insights that I may have, having travelled along this path with intense study and growth and coming to a place of understanding and acceptance of so much related to these matters; the children of today and spiritualism, as well as holistics.
Come and learn new ways to support yourself and your family!

A sense of community in this area is long overdue and now is the time turn this deficit of support into abundance for yourself, your family, and specifically your precious child, and the other families in your area traveling a similar path.
There is no need to feel unsupported; come and thrive with us!

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