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Walking the spiritual path is much more fun when you have someone to share your discoveries, insights and awe as your own path unfolds. Often single people are undergoing transforming spiritual experiences, but they feel that they don't have many people with whom to share these revelations. Because of their inquisitive nature, spiritually minded single people are often not interested in the traditional places to meet other singles (bars and restaurants). Spiritually minded people are interested in asking the BIG questions in life, and find a deep sense of satisfaction and meaning pursuing those endeavors. Spiritually Savvy Singles is an outgrowth of the non-profit organization known as, NUMINOUS (Known on Meetup as: The Albany-Clifton Park Law of Attraction Group). Numinous offers four classes a month (2 Guest speaker classes and a Law of Attraction and a Higher Consciousness class) to encourage people to pursue their own spiritual unfoldment. Spiritually Savvy Singles is an outgrowth of Numinous that will offer one event each quarter (more as the group grows) to encourage single people to get out and discuss the topics that mean the most to them, in a setting where spiritual thinking and conscious dating is not just tolerated...but celebrated!!

To learn more please visit: www.NUMINOUSONLINE.com

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Unity Church In Albany


Unity Church In Albany

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