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I am a retreat director and owner of the Earthwalk Center and offer many resources for the journey of life. I hope to connect with people near and far, to become a resource for life long personal and spiritual growth.

Please go to www.earthwalkways.com for more information and a photo gallery of my natural wonderland retreat. Go to this meet up for more program descriptions and schedules.
Consider coming down for a day or a weekend some time.

I offer teleconference classes and groups and give individual sessions over the phone.
Call for a free introductory session.

My retreat is nestled in an enchanted forest and borders the wild and natural lands along the Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Come for a tour, and a day on the land, or come for a retreat.

I am available to give talks or short programs to your group. I love to co-create with other leaders, weaving our programs together. Yoga plus nature is a great combination! I also rent the retreat out for a vacation property when we travel.

I invite you to come and visit me in my nature sanctuary. Or try one of my teleconference or individual sessions. I have been working with people since 1990 and doing my own work way before then. I offer self exploration sessions to untangle, free up or support you through life's various passages, completing the past, and healing old wounds, all within the context of Self-unfoldment, personal growth and the actual transformation of energies, emotions and states of consciousness.

May the peace of the Forest be With You!


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Wisdom of the Pathwork Guide, Teleconference Discussion Group

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

Dear Transformers, Please join me for our on-going series. Based on very deep channeled lectures on the soul's purpose on earth and the process of conscious evolution, it includes an in depth exploration of our inner distortions, defenses, and ways that we lose ourselves. With great compassion and encouragement the Guide asks us to engage consciously with life and its larger spiritual purposes. There are 258 lectures and we have been going through them in order. You can download all lectures for free at http://www.pathwork.org If you would like more support coming into this discussion, please feel free to call me or join me on one of the Soul Whispering sessions to have a more basic general conversation about this material. When the lectures were given new people would join in the middle so to speak. So each lecture is a small microcosm of the larger path. As you read more of them, the more the whole gestalt emerges. They are really quite amazing so I hope you give it a try. Truly a Path of Self-transformation. Rather than try to keep up with the lectures, please contact me at my regular email [masked] or telephone[masked] to find out the current lecture and get the notes.

Raising Vibrations: Equinox Full Moon Fire-Drum-Talking-Circle

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

So I will be away teaching over the March Full moon, but the next weekend is right on the heals of the equinox, so I invite everyone to gather to celebrate this solar festival and the promise of spring. Fire/Drum/Talking Circles are an ancient/future way of community that brings us together around a fire as simple brothers and sisters, listening and sharing with voice and drum, letting the power of circle around a fire at night, call us back to the story of interconnection with all life on this planet. Bring something to share about that has gotten your attention, inspired you or deeply affected you in some way. We will have a sharing circle in the tradition of using a talking stick to learn more about each other. I have extra instruments or bring your own, bring a chair and a water bottle a flashlight and finger food to share. I will have fixings for somemores. Children are welcome under supervision. Come before dark if you haven't come before. Come early and enjoy playing on the creek. Bring a picnic dinner. Donation requested for the land. You may donate in person by donation box or online here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/raising-vibrations-equinox-full-moon-fire-drum-talking-circle-tickets-57831177609?aff=ebdssbdestsearch Come past the first house on the driveway and park at the Y where the road widens and you can pull off in several places, or continue straight into the woods to the camping area and park there. Some parking at the lodge. Please do not block the driveway.

Introduction to the Pathwork: A meet and greet

Free Conference.com dedicated number

Join me on this teleconference meetup to learn more about this beautiful and practical spiritual path. I love to hear about others life journey and where their paths have led them already. I am a student of many paths and see our life journey as a unique evolutionary process and I see all paths as both unique and pointing toward the same truths. The Pathwork is also a beautiful path for Relationship in community and in our families. It teaches us how to be with ourselves and each other and how to appreciate and be intimate and present to the other. It reaches us how to hold space for ourselves and each other. I hope you can join us and take a step to explore this work and make some connections. This is a good start to learn more about the other programs I offer. Looking forward to meeting you.

Circle of Compassion: @ Earthwalk Retreat

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

Join me in person for this Circle of Compassion. In asking spirit how those of us who are awakening and holding the space of love, can best serve the planet and help ourselves and others who are struggling, one of my teachers, Jonathon Goldman recieved a message for us to hold circles of compassion. This is a very simple process that creates a great force of love and light for ourselves, our loved ones and for the planet. It also allows us to connect and hold each other as we go through these amazing and challenging times. Join me as together we will hold a space for us to gather in community, placing on the altar of compassion all that we want to purify in our own lives, and in the world. With Sharing Prayer and Meditation we call light for each other, our loved ones, our enemies and for world leadership and all of life on this planet. The results are palpable. It is a little experiment to see if, as we do such a practice, miracles can be discovered inside and beyond all the struggle and suffering. You will be surprised at how bearing witness to each other, in our suffering and in our triumphs can help us at this time on the journey. Learn how to hold the space of compassion for yourself, others and the world. I will also be offering these via teleconference so if you cannot make it in person, check out the online version.

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Introduction to the Pathwork: A meet and greet

Free Conference.com dedicated number

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