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I am a retreat director and owner of the Earthwalk Center and offer many resources for the journey of life. I hope to connect with people near and far, to become a resource for life long personal and spiritual growth.

Please go to www.earthwalkways.com for more information and a photo gallery of my natural wonderland retreat. Go to this meet up for more program descriptions and schedules.
Consider coming down for a day or a weekend some time.

I offer teleconference classes and groups and give individual sessions over the phone.
Call for a free introductory session.

My retreat is nestled in an enchanted forest and borders the wild and natural lands along the Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Come for a tour, and a day on the land, or come for a retreat.

I am available to give talks or short programs to your group. I love to co-create with other leaders, weaving our programs together. Yoga plus nature is a great combination! I also rent the retreat out for a vacation property when we travel.

I invite you to come and visit me in my nature sanctuary. Or try one of my teleconference or individual sessions. I have been working with people since 1990 and doing my own work way before then. I offer self exploration sessions to untangle, free up or support you through life's various passages, completing the past, and healing old wounds, all within the context of Self-unfoldment, personal growth and the actual transformation of energies, emotions and states of consciousness.

May the peace of the Forest be With You!


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Natural Communion in Nature's Cathedral: Sundays at Earthwalk Ways

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat


Natures Cathedral on Enchanting Run. Natural Worship is naturally evoked. About this Event Join me on Sunday Mornings for a dose of Vitamin N all wrapped up with some deep spiritual nourishment as well. We all know now the physiological benefits of Forest Bathing and other nature and mindfulness explorations. But there is a deep spiritual benefit that is available there as well. The science tells us of our oneness with all of life, but when we sit in nature with the intention of being fully present to her ongoing sensory flows, something magical begins to happen and we actually experience this union as actual experience in some way. We are each different, but the direct perception of nature leads us to encounter the presence of nature as a felt intelligence and benevolent wisdom. We see how she harmonizes a vast diversity. We see that while competition is allowed, the fabric is hung on the strands of cooperation. Join Darlene for a few hours on Sundays. The last hour and a half is optional but it is really great to give yourself some extra time when you can. Darlene can help you learn how to meet yourself in nature and feel comfortable in your own skin. Let yourself touch be inspired and filled with the love you need to continue to serve. Nature is a great Mother. Lets celebrate the re-emergence of the Divine Mother by attending services at her Forest Cathedral. Begin your week with remembrance and gratitude and offer the wounds of life to her for transformation. Feel free to call or email if you have questions. [masked] or[masked]. Currently this is a COVID safe activity done with physical distancing outside and we will limit the number of participants to make sure we have lots of space. There will be opportunity for you to be considerable distance in your own nature sanctuary but some of the time will be spent teaching, and forest bathing together but still with physical distancing. Bring a water bottle and something to eat.. I use to offer food or do potluck but it feels safer now to just bring a picnic for yourself. Wear cloths that cover you but are light weight and can get wet and shoes that can get wet and grip rocks well. Tevas crocks, even tennis shoes. but not the hard soled walking shoes.

Walking the Path Together

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

About this Event Join me Sundayafternoons to create an ongoing Pathwork Process Support Group. 4:30 to 6pm The Pathwork Guide invites us to tolerate our nakedness together, to celebrate and welcome it to help us get over it... It is only in walking the path together that we can arrive back in the Garden. Right now we are all bound up with our own judgements and fears, so we try to hide behind masks that only further alienate ourselves from ourselves and each other. In the dawning of the new age of Aquarius, of brotherhood and sisternhood, of interdependence and freedom, it will be through our self recognition in each other that we will be able to move past our defensive separative stances and come back home to ourselves and our planet. So the beauty of this work is that we get to travel together and share the journey navigating a little more clearly and effectively using the amazing map of the Pathwork. As we share and reveal ourselves to each other, we are touched by each other, we are witnessed by each other, and we learn from each other. The Pathwork Guide says that the greatest gift we can give each other is our own vulnerability. To tolerate our nakedness is part of what is necessary for us to return to the Garden. We really do want to just be real with each other and to be able to been seen and understood as well as to see and understand. To do this we must risk and discover the crack in the cosmic egg of our own reality that will open to freedom. This is what happens in the magic of group and how the group heals itself and each of us within it. With the current pandemic, it is perfect for us to meet online, and to do this deep work of inner contemplative self understanding together in a safe way. The Pathwork is really great at helping us see the patterns that are stuck inside and shows us how to transform and change them. Our life is our Path and the group becomes the cauldron of transformation. I would like to speak to anyone new to the group prior to the group meeting and am happy to offer a free demonstration as a way of introduction. It will help you decide if this work feels right for you. Feel free to set this up with a call to[masked]. Classes are both conceptual and experiential so we will do explorations, journaling, movement and mediation together and sharing about our lives and the evolutionary edge of our journey. This experience will be examined in the light of the maps of the Pathwork which will help us navigate pur journey. Walking together is ultimately required. We cannot do it alone and we need each other to break the old spells of separation. Contact me if you are interested

Pathwork Circle of Compassion online

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

For Connection ....Perspective.....and ...... Prayer About this Event Experience the Power of Prayer and Community Support as we go into this time of Transformation. Join me any or every Monday evening to share and be together, to listen, to understand, to pray for each other and the world. In the Pathwork we learn that Intimacy and real connection are possible when we share deeply from the heart and we also learn that being witnessed, and invoking the creative powers of life to help and guide us is of immense real and practicle value. We will hold a space to connect and share deeply from the heart and support from the group in the form of prayer and healing Pathwork style will be available. Please join us in these times in small groups to share and offer your support and presence to this moment in our collective and personal lives. This is free and I am including the zoom link here, but donations are always appreciated. I have set up two tickets. It helps me with admin if you would please register. Learn how to be with it all in the space of the heart, the space of compassion. Darlene is a Pathwork Helper with 20 years of experience. This little known contemporary spiritual path was made for these times. Learn more by contacting Darlene at[masked] or email [masked] https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pathwork-circle-of-compassion-online-tickets-101641398158

Wisdom of the Pathwork Guide, Teleconference Discussion Group

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

Dear Transformers, Please join me for our on-going series. Based on very deep channeled lectures on the soul's purpose on earth and the process of conscious evolution, it includes an in depth exploration of our inner distortions, defenses, and ways that we lose ourselves. With great compassion and encouragement the Guide asks us to engage consciously with life and its larger spiritual purposes. There are 258 lectures and we have been going through them in order. You can download all lectures for free at http://www.pathwork.org If you would like more support coming into this discussion, please feel free to call me or join me on one of the Soul Whispering sessions to have a more basic general conversation about this material. When the lectures were given new people would join in the middle so to speak. So each lecture is a small microcosm of the larger path. As you read more of them, the more the whole gestalt emerges. They are really quite amazing so I hope you give it a try. Truly a Path of Self-transformation. Rather than try to keep up with the lectures, please contact me at my regular email [masked] or telephone[masked] to find out the current lecture and get the notes. I send out an email with the zoom link so please send me your email to join.

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Pathwork Circle of Compassion online

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

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