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We've moved to http://usergroups.splunk.com but our goal is still the same:

The goal of Splunk User Groups is to get local Splunk users together regularly (maybe once a month, at least once a quarter) to talk about your experiences, successes, and difficulties with Splunk products. Sometimes there are presentations and slides, but that's not a requirement for having a user group meeting. What matters is that you're talking about Splunk topics that are interesting and important to you.

Come and join us at http://usergroups.splunk.com (http://usergroups.splunk.com/) !

To learn more about Splunk, go to Splunk.com (http://www.splunk.com/) and download the free version (http://www.splunk.com/download).

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come and join us at our new user groups site:


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Splunk402 - Splunk + Phantom (meeting is at Noon central)

Sirius Computer Solutions

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