• Testing in your CI/CD Pipeline with Daniel Stokes

    Startup Spokane

    Join us for a conversation about testing in your CI/CD pipeline. Testing is an important part of the continuous integration and deployment pipeline, a comprehensive sets of tests is essential to catching breaking behaviors before they make it into production. Daniel is a lead engineer who has played a key role in architecting, building, and maintaining automation pipelines at F5. We will present some basic testing strategies and discuss topics around unit tests, integration tests, code coverage tools, and how to integrate these into a CI/CD pipeline that reacts to a changing code base.

  • DevOps Collab Night

    Startup Spokane

    DevOps is all about collaboration, for April's meeting instead of bringing in a speaker I'm inviting everyone to bring their laptop and share a favorite tool or a project they'd like to show off. Even if you don't have something you'd like to share, come and check out what others have and enjoy the provided snacks and beverages!

  • CI/CD with Philip Spokas

    Startup Spokane

    This month, Philip Spokas from IntelliTect is going to talk about creating a CI/CD pipeline.

  • Introduction to Ansible with Roy Kim

    Startup Spokane

    Would you like to know a handy tool for managing multiple machines and make your life easier? Our topic will be "Introduction to Ansible" Our guest speaker, Roy Kim an experienced consulting Developer and IT Guy, who loves automation and making things easier to maintain for all will cover: What is Ansible? What you can do with it? Package management and configuration of machines with Ansible. Managing multiple machines of all scales with Ansible playbooks. Example Ansible playbooks including ones to build and manage Cassandra clusters. A live, hands on demo of Ansible on live machines. and much more... Learn how you can use Ansible automation to make your life easier.

  • Introducing DevOps

    Fellow Coworking

    This will be the inaugural meeting of the Spokane DevOps Meetup! We'll kick off with a presentation introducing what DevOps is and take a look at some recent cases studies of successful DevOps adoption. Afterwards we can share our individual experiences and goals in order to set a direction for future meetups.