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This is a free, interactive, educational introduction to the belief change process called PSYCH-K (pronounced sigh-k).

Do you wish you could easily and quickly transform those self-defeating negative thoughts into life enhancing self-supportive thoughts? Want more peace of mind, well being, and self empowerment?

In this meetup, we discuss how our super-conscious mind (Spirit) and subconscious minds work. As well as how we can change long held limiting beliefs into life enhancing and enriching beliefs. When you work with your super-conscious and subconscious mind, you get results. We will discuss the many methods people use to access and change subconscious beliefs, exploring the differences between them.

Find out more about PSYCH-K (psyche - kinesiology) and how using it can leverage your own power to take charge or your life. Find out if the PSYCH-K Belief Change process, is for you.

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