What we're about

The focus of this group is spontaneously coming together to have fun and maybe even learn something along the way. Whether that's a Spontaneous Philosophy Discussion or a Spontaneous Boardgame Event, that's up to you to decide. Everyone is an Event Organizer and can post their own events. The goal of this group is to democratize event organizing for the philosophical and gamer communities.

Note: The Head Organizer has to manually add everyone as an Event Organizer, so please reach out to him if you would like to be added. Otherwise, you will be granted event host privileges when convenient.

As the Event Organizers, the responsibility falls on you to set up events. You can use the discussion forum to spitball ideas for events or you can just go for it. If you have any suggestions, issues, or concerns along the way, please reach out to the head organizer. This group is an experiment. Let's have some fun!

Harassment - This group does not tolerate sexual harassment or other forms of harassment. Please do not come to this group expressly looking for a date. If you meet someone you like at an event, that's fine. Please be respectful of any cultural differences.

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Foreign Language Games (Multilingual Options)

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Holiday of Gaming

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Quick euro or co-op session

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