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SpoonFit係比一大班各行各業嘅朋友互相鼓勵去做運動,堅持健康生活,work-life balance。除咗運動之外我地都會有其他活動,會去行山,party,boardgame,參加sparten race, 釣墨魚等等, 等大家可以互相認識,識得更加多朋友,亦都歡迎大家提議更多健康活動。我地核心成員有體適能教練同埋醫生,大家可以又開心又安全又專業咁做運動。

Here is a fun and challenging sports community where everyone can get in touch with sports and exerciseAchieve a healthy work-life balance. We will conduct a series of effective intermittent training. All sportsmen are welcome to join. At the same time we can chat and establish new friendship. Looking forward to seeing our physical and mental changes!

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