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For those who haven't heard (which was me until recently), "spoonies" is a new, almost trendy term for people with chronic illness, who compare their situation to having a limited number of spoons to use each day.

This is a new kind of chronic illness group--it's not to share information on doctors and treatments, it's to socialize with people (and possibly find a boy/girlfriend) who accepts you with your condition, get out in nature to calm us down, etc. I find that as a result of how chronic illness affects my brain, together with my limitations, I have a kind of tension/"forcefulness" to my personality that tends to push "normies" away.

The people who are likely to get the most out of this group are those whose illnesses have a immunological and/or neuropsychiatric component, because that's what I am familiar with. I mean things like Lyme, PANDAS/PANS, gut imbalances, food/chemical sensitivities, etc. Others can join too, but I might not be able to relate to them as well.

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