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On weekends, we'll be skiing and boarding in winter; hiking, biking and roller blading in summer. On weeknights, indoor climbing, hill running or maybe a dinner, plus other events. Travel ideas include skiing in Europe or out West, hiking to Machu Picchu or the Dolomites, or a weekend nearby to kayak in the Thousand Islands.

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One week of cycling along the inside and coastline of Maine (details to follow)

Traveling to the US is back in vogue! Save this week for a cycling adventure in Maine with daily opportunities to swim in the ocean and eat fresh seafood at dinner.

The week has been set, 05 August departure (by car, to the meeting point, which is TBD).

You understand that we will be cycling approximately 70 km per day, perhaps 80 km on days with no hills to climb.

I will shortly be creating a custom cycling route that is unparalleled with others found on the Internet.

We will be cycling for eight days, our first cycling day will be Saturday 06 August 2022, and we'll end on the following Saturday afternoon.

There will be a ride sharing fee to pay to your driver if you are a rider. This fee is to be determined.
There will be no luggage transfer fees.

All cyclists will be staying in hotels or lodges; there is no camping option. Hotel fees will be determined shortly.

There is one question to answer when you RSVP: How many kms have you cycled in 2021? Please answer it.

I am limiting the tour to 10 cyclists. However any number can RSVP today. Everybody will appear as GOING, for now. Before the end of June you will have to confirm by paying the to-be-determined hotel fees. The itinerary will be established and posted here before then.

Sailing the Peloponnese + Argolic Gulf islands + cycling + hiking, all in Greece

This adventure will be like none other, as we will be sailing on our own 38-foot private catamaran, stopping at different islands each day for some cycling, hiking, swimming or just exploring.
This tour is limited to five, six or seven lucky SPACY members.
The dates are to be confirmed.

As I am limited for space by Meetup in this box; here is a portion of our tentative 10-day itinerary:

Day 1: Morning ferry from Piraeus to Poros Island. The captain meets us at the ferry dock in Poros, and we board our sailboat for a short daysail and swim.
Day 2: We do a morning circumnavigation of Poros island by bicycle (2hrs), with a swim stop along the way. We then grab some lunch to eat
on the boat, and sail to Hydra Island (3hr sail). We will moor overnight in a small bay 3km from the main town. Picturesque Hydra is popular with chic Athenians because it banned all motor vehicles – only donkeys allowed.
Day 3: Depending on the weather and inclination, in the morning we can do a hike up the 400m peak of the island, for a panoramic view of the Argo-Saronic Bay. We then set sail for Ermione (Hermione), another pretty port town about 3hrs away, where we spend the night at the dock in port.
Day 4: Porto Heli – a relaxing sail 2-3hr sail to Porto Heli, with a swim stop along the way. This area is dotted with very expensive coastal villas.
Day 5. In the morning we set sail across the channel to the island of Spetses. This is a cosmopolitan, bustling town. Many posh shops, expensive waterfront dining and drinks, but also lots of regularly priced options, too. It is a beautiful island with many beaches sprinkled evenly on its perimeter. We will see them all as we set out in the late afternoon for a circumnavigation of the island by bike. We’ll do one or two swim stops to cool down and freshen up with drinks on the beach. Overnight moored or docked in the old port.
Day 6. Spetses island is so nice, it deserves 2 days. This time we’ll sail around the island, do one or two swim stops in coves that are reachable only by boat, and then settle in to one of the beautiful protected bays to moor there for the evening.
Day 7. We’ll sail across to Leonidio (3hrs) where we can do a (3hr) hike in the surrounding area in the afternoon. Leonidio is a well known climbing destination since it is surrounded by cliffs of sheer limestone that tower 300+ meters above the port. The small port has a few lovely restaurants right on the beach where we will have a chance to try some of these dishes, as well as the fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.
Day 8. We have the whole day to sail up to Astros (4hrs) with an option for anyone who wishes to do this leg by bike. This is another hilly route (about 50km) which hugs the coast most of the way and includes some stunning ocean scenery. Those not wishing to bike, can stay with the boat to meet up with the bikers in Astros where we will overnight. Astros has lots of great restaurants & nightlife and is a favourite summer destination for local Greeks.
Day 9: We get an early start in the morning for a hike up the largest mountain in the area (2,300m). This will be aproximately 900m elevation gain, and 16km, so not very difficult by SPACY standards, but
still well worth it for the views. The drive to the trailhead is about 1 hr. Since this hike would take most of the day, we’ll overnight again in Astros.
Day 10 In the morning we set sail for Nafplio – the captain's favourite town in Greece. It is a small cosmopolitan city (and the first capital city of Greece), with many chic restaurants in its old town as well as many
trendy cafes along its large waterfront promenade. It has a Venetian era fortress built on the top of a 150-meter cliff which overlooks the town. Tourists regularly climb the 1,000 steps to get to the
top of the fortress, but for our purposes, we will challenge ourselves to climb it 3 times and then take a dip in sea at the base of the cliffs to cool off.
Day 11: Return to Athens by bus (2 hours). There is local express bus service to Athens which runs every hour (14 euros). People can choose to spend some time in Nafplio town at their leisure, and then take the bus back to Athens whenever they want.

Price: The cost for this 10-day itinerary is 950 CAD per person (private cabin) and 675 CAD per person if sharing a cabin (for couples). This includes: all costs associated with the boat (captain, fuel,
water, marina fees), post-charter cleaning, one set of linen and towels per cabin, bike rental fees, transport to trail-head.
Not included: personal accident/health insurance, transfer to Poros, return transfer to Athens, food & drinks; any other side-trips that may be taken.

RSVP if you are interested.
Answer the one question: are you solo or a couple? I will set up an evening at the SPACY lounge (Else's on Roy E.) ASAP, to review details, in person.

PS. I will be posting a biking event, following the sailing adventure (a few days later). You will be welcome to join in on both events :)

SAVE THE DATE: Cycling Greece mainland and islands, a Greek SPACY adventure

Have you ever dreamed of cycling on the Greek islands? Well, save the date! Details will be revealed in July, but for now simply RSVP to indicate your interest. We will allow 24 RSVPs at this time but this custom tour will be limited to a maximum of 10 cyclists.

Greece is one of the great European tourist destinations!
We are creating a custom cycling route that is unparalleled with others found on the Internet. The stages will be finalized in July with our partners in Greece.

We will be overnighting in the most vibrant, the most exciting, the most lively and the most entertaining of all of Greece's seaside towns. Our route will average 70 kms per day, giving us lots of time to ride from each overnight stop to the next, and still give us more time to explore each town, either on bike or on foot. We will take ferries between islands.

We will be cycling for seven days, our first cycling day will be on or about Saturday 01 October. Both Friday night hotel stays are included in this cycling adventure: eight nights are prepaid.

Some of us will fly in a few days early to explore the area and/or stay a few days longer after the cycling week. I will also plan some optional excursions before and after our cycling tour.
At this time, airfares to Athens start at $840.
Temperatures expected will be highs of 25 C during the day and 18 C overnight.

This adventure is limited to 10 cyclists. However we are allowing up to 24 cyclists to RSVP.

The fee will be approximately $1,700, including 8 nights in double-occupancy rooms, 8 breakfasts, bicycle rental, 911 support, luggage transfers.
Any extra nights and additional activities before or after the cycling week will have extra costs.

Say goodbye to the pandemic and hello to cycling in Europe!

Let's travel to India together for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program

If you are like me and want to understand and learn about Yoga a bit deeper than simply participating in a yoga class, why not learn the real thing in the real environment, in Yoga's birthplace, right there in India?

Since I am a gregarious person and love being with people, I decided to post this experience as a SPACY event and invite others to join me in India. Feel free to check the information on the school site and if it appeals to you (or if you want to be on the "Maybe" list for now), please RSVP to this event as soon as possible so I can communicate with them about the number of potential participants. The school will make arrangements to accommodate us all.

Click here for more info: https://www.rishikeshnathyogshala.com/200-hour-yoga-teacher-training-in-rishikesh-india.php

Note that the course is from 03 March 2023 - 28 March 2023 (the Meetup site limits event durations to two weeks, at most).

Learning these techniques here in Canada, I was told, used to cost about $3,000 or more, for the same course; going to India will cost you less (about $1,000 for the course plus $1,400 for the flight) and you'll discover a new country and a new culture. Being with other like-minded Canadians, you'll feel more secure, too.


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