Cycling rural, quite roads, smell farms, Don Quichotte wind turbine areas.


Cycling rural, quite/smell farms roads, Don Quichotte wind turbine areas.

This one is my first cycling event I’m organizing. I will keep it simple:

1. We ride between 20-30 km/h on flat ground for 90km, so you have to cruise at that speed;

2. No electric bikes;

3. Any other bikes are accepted, however you have to keep the 20-30km/h pace;

4. We stop at halfway and have a lunch (have one with you or purchase at a stop place);

5. Bring everything you know you will need for that ride (it means you have some previous cycling experience).

DRIVERS: Offer rides from Lionel-Groulx subway station in the comments.

RIDERS: e-mail drivers requesting for a spot in the car.
$10 per rider is suggested as a contribution to drivers.

We'll depart no later than 10:15am from St Constant so please be on time; we should be back by 4pm.