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For Sport-Tour and Adventure Motorcycles Only (FJR,K1200, Sprint, Concours, MultiStrata etc.)

Non-Sport Tour and Adventure Riders Need Not Apply


The Big Galoots Sport-Tour Riders is a Central Florida motorcycle Meetup group focused on the "sport" side of the sport-touring motorcycle. We are mature (code word for "older) motorcycle enthusiasts, not bikers (sorry guys, no cruisers or sport bikes). We appreciate the connection between the rider, the machine, and the road. We’d rather get wet on two wheels than stay dry on four. And, while there is an appreciation of scenic tree lined roads, there is a love affair with twisty “edge of the tire” high mileage day long rides.


Rides a Sport-Tour Bike:
(K1200, Sprint, Concours, FJR, V Strom, etc. Non-sport tour riders need not apply)
30+ years old (twenty somethings need not apply)
10+ years of varied riding experience (distance, sport, commute).
FULL riding gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, etc.).
Ego remains at home (horsepower and egos are a dangerous combination).
Appreciative of a well organized and structured ride.


There are as many different styles of riding as there are bikes to ride, and so it's important to match your riding style with the right group. The Big Galoots Sport-Tour Riders promotes safety above all else. We are not blowing through red lights, annoying other vehicles on the road, pulling wheelies or racing one another. However, this is NOT A GROUP FOR BEGINNERS. On quiet county roads we will let the horses run hard as we attack the perfect corner. But, most importantly, we will be riding within our skill level to ensure our own safety and the safety of those around us. Riders creating an unsafe riding environment will be dropped from the group.

If you ride a sport-touring machine, and are an experienced rider (many, many years in the saddle with high miles to back it up) who enjoys a spirited pace then we may be a good fit for you. Come take a ride with us to see if our riding style matches yours. We welcome members fitting the group profile from throughout Central Florida.


The Big Galoots Sport-Tour Riders will generally post 2 to 4 rides each month.. For the safety of the riders, group rides will be kept to a 10-15 motorcycle maximum. To ensure the integrity of the group is maintained, rides are open to members only. No guests (unless pillions)!


By joining The Big Galoots Sport-Tour Riders you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY. If safety is not your top priority, do not join this group. Habitual unsafe riding will not be tolerated.

2. To protect you and the members of this group you are 100% responsible for having a street legal motorcycle, a motorcycle endorsement on your valid driver’s license, insurance, and wearing full riding gear (motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots) on each group ride.

3. By joining this group, you are indicating that you have the motorcycling skills and training required to safely ride at a quick pace effectively handling both straight lines and corners with a high degree of skill.

4. You agree to obey our Road Captains while riding in our Group Rides, as we primarily ride in a staggered formation and occasionally in single file.

5. You hereby agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from any and all group functions.

6. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold the group's Organizer or any of the Road Captains liable for any injury, loss or damage to your own person or property arising directly or as a consequence from any of our group activities. The group Organizer and/or Road Captains accept NO responsibility for failure, by anyone, to be properly trained, or otherwise competent to take part in group rides. This includes riding to the meetup locations, as well as travel to your final destination after a group ride has concluded.

7. You must have some type of towing service coverage, like AMA, ROK, AAA, Allstate Motor Club, AARP Roadside Assistance, etc...

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