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This group is brought to you by SportTechie, the leading media company focused on the intersection of sports and technology. It's part of SportTechie's Meetup Network and is intended for anyone interested in the latest technological innovations, ideas and products in the sports industry. Via our global network of Meetups, we hope to build local communities with shared interests who interact regularly to augment the conversation surrounding the growing synergy between sports and technology and its impact on the world. Please visit us online (, subscribe to our newsletter (link below), and shoot us an e-mail to introduce yourself!

The local leaders for SportTechie Barcelona are the Sports Business Club at IESE Business School and N3XT Sports.

The IESE Sports Business Club is a student organization focused on the promotion and development of the business side of sports. The IESE SBC works with sports properties and companies across Europe to generate internship and full-time opportunities as well as host sport-focused speakers and conferences.

N3XT Sports ( is a global organization that identifies and develops the world’s most promising sports technology opportunities by connecting startups, sports teams, athletes, technology corporations, sports brands, and investors. Based in the world’s epicenter of innovation in the Silicon Valley, and with offices in Europe and the Middle East, N3XT Sports team counts on tens of years of experience in the sports technology, disruptive innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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