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The purpose of this group is to bring together people who enjoy driving and high performance cars of any kind. Our goal is to offer a variety of activities that will include fun trips on scenic roads to interesting destinations or activities. We'll also meet occasionally meet just for coffee or breakfast and we'll help publicize some of the car related events in western and central NY.

A message from the organizer: Any member of a meetup group can suggest a meetup. But I've learned from experience that only a group's organizer ever seems to suggest one. As a result many Meetup groups never have any meetups, especially after a few months when the organizer learns they can't do it alone.

So I'm looking for volunteers who will help me run this group, suggest meetups, and actively try to make new people feel welcome at our events.

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MPACT Motorsports Festival

Pocono Raceway

Ice Cream Run to Pultneyville

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A Drive, a Brunch and a Tour

Tim Hortons

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