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Street Hockey
Hockey on the blacktop! Wear your sneakers and your favorite hockey team's colors/jersey/sweater. We supply sticks and pucks. Short "how to" and warmup first 15 minutes. The contact level with people is minimal to medium (depends on you, really). The contact level with the puck or sticks is rare but does happen. Wear shin guards or thick knee socks to protect your shins. Wear comfortable clothing for the weather, and bring a water or other hydration and maybe a snack.

Herbert Hoover Middle School

Naglee Ave. and Dana Ave. · San Jose, CA

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What is Sporty Girls?

Sporty Girls started as a group of friends getting together to play informal, pick-up-type outdoor sports and games. Women of any age or skill level -- including beginners or "never played" -- are always welcome to come try a new (or old) sport and "just play," without an emphasis on being "good" or winning. Everybody is involved; nobody sits on the sidelines unless she wants to. Most important -- when we play team sports, we don't do schoolyard picks, so nobody is ever "last."

What do we play?

Frisbee/Ultimate, badminton, kickball, dodgeball, flag football, street hockey, bocce, and more. We're always open to suggestions for new things to play.

When do we play?

We try to schedule at least two events per month (except for December, which we take off for R&R). We try to alternate Saturdays and Sundays, mornings and afternoons.

Where do we play, and how much does it cost?

The location depends on what we're playing. We play at parks and schools throughout the South Bay -- usually public venues so that it's free. If a fee is ever required, we'll tell you.

Note: Since the Organizers pay to maintain this site and occasionally have to purchase equipment and replenish supplies, we do accept donations at our events to offset these costs. Or you can donate on the Home page. Many thanks!

Who can play?

We are an inclusive, LBTQ-friendly group. If you identify as a woman, you are welcome!

Why "no guys allowed"? Our events provide (among other things) a confidence-building environment for women to learn and play sports and games that they might not have felt comfortable trying in school or were actually excluded from because of their sex. A women-only atmosphere differs from a co-ed one: we promote inclusion, equality, and acceptance of each woman's level of experience; whereas, when men are present, traditional gender roles can sneak in and change the dynamic -- introducing, e.g., an increased level of competition, or more intense physicality, or simply that subtle (subconscious?) expectation about abilities between the sexes. (We know your husband or boyfriend wouldn't do this, but if we let one guy play, we'd have to let them all play.) So this one's strictly for the girls. Thank you for understanding!

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, feel free to bring your children -- girls of any age, and boys age 13 and under. If what we are playing is kid-friendly and you want them to try the game, they can join in. But we probably won't let them play if we think they'll get run over, for example, in fast-paced games like ultimate frisbee or big ball soccer.

What kind of shape should I be in, or what if I have an old injury that slows me down?

We DO NOT discriminate, period. You can play with us no matter your age or physical condition.

Although some of the sports and games we play do require physical exertion (running), you should always only play to your comfort level. We will not judge you for taking a breather as often as you need to. (In fact, please do!)

If you have a bad knee or ankle, bring your brace or other support, especially if we are playing on natural grass, which can have hidden divots, clumps, sprinklers, and gopher holes. If you have a disability, we'll try to modify how we play so you can get in the game.

We will huddle up before each game to stretch, warm up, and talk about ways to play safely and minimize the risk of getting hurt. We also try to take three to four water breaks per event (depending) to keep everyone hydrated. Ultimately, however, all Sporty Girls events are "play at your own risk."

What should I bring and wear?

Always bring water and maybe a snack.

We provide most of the equipment, but we'll let you know if you should bring something (e.g., your own tennis racket, if you have one). Also, if you have extras of any equipment, please bring them to lend out. (Put your name on your stuff with a Sharpie.)

Wear comfortable clothing for the expected weather and type of event (shorts or sweats, t-shirt or sweatshirt). Jeans are not great for running but are OK for, say, horseshoes. Wear any type of sneakers for most events; if you want more traction, you can wear sneakers with "turf"-type soles (but please, no cleats).

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