• Spotify Tech Meetup

    Spotify HQ

    Hey, We're organizing a Tech Meetup with Spotify R&D employees presenting. The meetup is not geared towards any certain topic - we have a variety of roles and topics presented: Developing on Spotify's public platform Systems and Culture in Transition Monitoring in the Cloud Big Data, Big Quality? Android Integration and our Cassette framework 17.45 Doors open Mingle with food and drinks 18.10 First talk starts 20.00 Meetup end The Meetup is at Floor 11 at Birger Jarlsgatan.

  • Killing Quality Assurance for the sake of Quality

    Here at Spotify we've been trying to move away from a traditional view of Quality Assurance in favour of the concept of Quality Assistance. We believe technical excellence can only be achieved when the whole development team owns and feels accountable for the quality of its work. We'd love to discuss this in more detail with you! We'll start with a presentation on how we approach quality at Spotify. Followed by a series of lightning talks where we'll talk about some concrete examples of how we implement this in our day to day work. Finally, we will facilitate a group discussion (open spaces format) with topics raised from anyone - so please be prepared to contribute 😃 And of course, beers and snacks included.

  • SDN and Network Automation Meetup

    Spotify HQ

    UPDATE: First talk: "Abstract all the things" Speaker: David Barroso Abstract: "In this talk you will learn how building abstractions can help you get to your goals faster, improve your daily operations and reliability and how it can help your organization work together." Second Talk: "Openconfig & YANG with demo" Speaker: Sean Flack Abstract: "Driven by network operators, OpenConfig addresses the need for a modern, vendor-neutral API that's able to scale and provide not only configuration tools, but monitoring and streaming data too. We're going to talk about the basic of OpenConfig, how it works, some of the options and a few quick live demos using example clients. --------------------------------------------------------------- We're inviting you to Spotify HQ for a new meetup to discuss SDN and network automation, copy pasting from original event: Hi there, it's been a while since we got together. We plan to host the next Stockholm SDN Meet-up on the 6th of June. We don’t have an agenda yet, but there has been lots of development last year around the controller side, VXLAN, automation and Openstack. If you want to participate as a speaker please drop an email to Pedro (see link below). original event http://www.meetup.com/Stockholm-SDN-Group/events/231053993/

  • Google I/O Extended at Spotify

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    We're inviting you to Spotify HQ to watch the keynote speech from Google's I/O Conference. Agenda: 18:00 - Doors open 18:15 - Grab something to eat and drink 19:00 - Keynote starts 22:00 - Doors close Meet peers and talk with Spotify engineers about our tech challenges. Welcome!

  • Aaron Morton and Nate McCall talk Cassandra

    Spotify HQ

    This is a joint meetup with http://www.meetup.com/Stockholm-Cassandra-Users/events/229673144/ ---- Agenda: 18:00 - Doors open 18:15 - Welcome 18:30 - Aaron Morton - CQL Performance with Apache Cassandra[masked]:15 - Break 19:20 - Nate McCall - Hardening Cassandra for Compliance (or Paranoia) ----- Speaker: Aaron Morton Bio: Aaron Morton is the Co Founder & Principal Consultant at The Last Pickle (thelastpickle.com). A professional services company that works with clients to deliver and improve Apache Cassandra based solutions. He's based in New Zealand, is an Apache Cassandra Committer and a DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra. Title: CQL performance with Apache Cassandra 3.0 Abstract: The 3.0 storage engine re-write is the biggest and most exciting change to ever happen in Apache Cassandra. The new storage engine can efficiently store and read data from disk using the same concepts present in the CQL 3 language. This has delivered large space savings, and creates new performance characteristics. In this talk Aaron Morton, Co Founder at The Last Pickle and Apache Cassandra Committer, will discuss the 3.0 storage engine, it's layout and performance characteristics. ----- Speaker: Nate McCall Bio: Nate McCall is the Co-Founder & Sr. Technical Consultant at The Last Pickle (thelastpickle.com), a professional services company that works with clients to deliver and improve Apache Cassandra based solutions. Prior to TLP, Nate was employee number six at DataStax and was the team lead on the first version of DataStax Enterprise. He is based in Austin, TX USA and has been a DataStax MVP every year since the start of the program. Title: Hardening Cassandra for Compliance (or Paranoia) Abstract: This presentation goes deep into the details of securing Cassandra. In this talk, Nate McCal, Co Founder of The Last Pickle will cover everything from encryption both at rest and on the wire, to authentication and access control as well as securing access to management and tooling. There should be useful information for experienced Cassandra operators as well as an idea of what to expect when going to production for those new to Cassandra.

  • Agile meetup - we will iterate on the agenda ;)

    If you like post-its and have an extreme craving for cupcakes we’ve got the perfect meetup for you! Just kidding. ;) If you’re working as a leader in agile organisation e.g. as a product owner, coach, scrum master, team lead and so on, then please join us at Spotify’s headquarters. We will have a full day of workshops and talks about agile, diversity, and leadership on Thursday, April 14th. Throughout the day we’ll have practical workshops, talks, lean coffee styled discussions, and tours of Spotify’s office for anyone interested. We would like to take part of everyones knowledge and experience, for that reason we’re reserving half of the workshop sessions to companies and people outside Spotify. We start the day at 9:00 with breakfast together and we end the day at 16:30. Agenda Agenda update 9:00-9:30 Breakfast 9:30-9:45 Introduction 09:45-10:15 Squad health checks by Danielle Jabin 10:15-10:30 Fika + Select pre-lunch activity. 10:30-11:30 Workshops and sessions part 1 * Track 1 - Workshop by Håkan Forss: Introduction to Toyota Kata. (Max 20p) * Track 2 - Workshop by Henrik Kniberg + Secret Guest: Peer-coaching workshop. Bring your thorniest problem. * Track 3 - Tour of the office (Max 20p) * Track 4 - Lean coffee (Max 10p) * Track 5 - Lean coffee (Max 10p) * Track 6 - Unconference (Max 10p) 11:30-12:00 How to copy Spotify in 30 min by Cliff Hazell 12:00-13:00 Lunch 13:00-15:00 Workshops and sessions part 2 * Track 1 - Workshop by Molood Noori: Coaching dojo. (Max 10p) * Track 2 - Workshop by Paul McKenna: Exploring relationship between creativity and team dynamics (Max 18p) * Track 3 - Workshop by Edward Dahllöf: The Seven Wastes of Software development (Max 40p) * Track 4 - Tour of the office (Max 20p) * Track 5 - Lean coffee (Max 10 people) * Track 6 - Lean coffee (Max 10 people) * Track 7 - Unconference (Max 10 people) 15:00-15:30 Fika 15:30-16:00 Dealing with Complexity by Jaana Nyfjord 16:00-16:30 Wrap-up Sign-up info - Now closed. We have 80 open seats and in order to get a diverse group from multiple companies we've created this interest signup form. Please sign up on https://goo.gl/oiqHrp. See you there! -Spotify’s agile coaches

  • Spotify Java Conference

    Spotify HQ

    We are holding a Java conference at the Spotify office in Stockholm and would love it if you would like to join us. We will spend the day learning interesting things and discussing exciting topics related to Java development. There will be speakers from Spotify, Google, Oracle, Klarna and Omegapoint. Examples of things on the program are: • Insights into compilation • Java 8 Lambdas & Streams • Supportability • QA Infrastructure • Bootstrapping large applications • Kubernetes The conference sessions are held between 12.45 - 18.00 (registration starts at 12.00 and lunch will be provided for those arriving early). The conference ends with snacks and mingling.

  • Spotify Infrastructure Development Tech Share

    Spotify HQ

    We're inviting everyone interested in knowing more about how Spotify is developing backend services and how we build and maintain infrastructure that enables us to scale with our growth, while at the same time continuously roll out new features and functionality. Topics will cover areas such as developing and scaling backend services, Networking, BigData and Monitoring. We'll also give you some insight in how our teams are organized and how people in the teams collaborate. This meetup will also, as always, give you an opportunity to get inspired by meeting peers in the Stockholm tech community! A light meal and drinks will be provided at the event.

  • Spotify Tech Talk - Testing, Dancing & Development at Spotify

    Please join us for an exciting evening with tech talks from some of Spotify's employees including Julia Oskö, QA Chapter Lead, Caroline Arkenson, Android Developer, and from our SF office, Lynn Root. Preliminary schedule 17.30 Mix and mingle - food and drinks 18.00 Intro 18.15 Julia Oskö - How to test mobile applications 18.50 Caroline Arkenson - From Dancer to Android Developer 19.30 Lynn Root - Python Developer and founder of PyLadies 20.15 Q&A