27.06.19: Google PageSpeed + Automated Supply Chain Management

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18:00 - 18:30 - Google PageSpeed, Leszek Siemiñski
18:30 - 19:00 - pizza
19:00 - 19:30 - Automated Supply Chain Management,
Francois Jacquet

# Google PageSpeed
My goal is to show you how R can be used in the field of digital marketing.
One of important tasks in digital marketing is ensuring that a website is loading in an efficient and secure way to keep the users/customers happy. Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the most important tools that can be used to create a "healthcheck" for a given URL address but using it for every single page in a website with thousands of pages will be tedious and error-prone.
Thus I created R package pagespeedParseR that helps with automatization. It can send multiple requests to Google PageSpeed Insights API and parse the returned reports (nested lists) into data frames.

Leszek Siemiński is a digital marketing analyst, self-taught programmer & R language enthusiast. Currently, he works in Performance Media Polska as a Digital Data Analyst.

# Automated Supply Chain Management
Father of 3, after first life in IT (mainly C++ dev and project management), switched to operations in Renault Nissan then Lean & Supply Chain Management at European level for Hutchinson ( Automotive). Lecturer at Politechnika Łódzka in Supply chain & Production management. Machine Learning practitionner for 3 years and now founder at ArtInLean.
The dream I am realizing is to build a platform that will erase all those stupid wastes in supply chain, specially for perishable food, securing my family needs while trying to leave this world not so spoiled to them.

I would like to share the journey I took to build from scratch a production grade machine learning workflow for automated stock and sales management, with emphasis on :

1/ Hurdles in accessing/cleaning data at a commercial company and how I could overcome them
2. How suprisingly fast it was for me to go from idea to working model in R
3. How painful and key it is to make it production grade ( and one can in R too)
4. Exchange with you on some principles I applied in my journey that helped a lot ( Lean start-up, Agile, continuous training, real passion for what I do...)
5. The challenges still to come ( keep values while growing, reinforcement learning?, database engineering,...)

Hopefully some of you will like to join the boat or share your experience!

# Sponsors

The event will be sponsored by Appsilon.

Appsilon delivers the most advanced R Shiny apps, data science consulting services and support with R Shiny and Python Dash technologies.
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