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Is your life filled with daily shopping trips? Weekly spa days? Lunching with gal friends at the country club? Driving the latest luxury vehicle? Nope? Neither is mine.

After years of supporting my medical spouse I am discovering I've neglected myself. My social network is minimal, my job skills obsolete, my spouse successful and hardly ever home. It's not what I hoped for all those years ago.

This group is intended for anyone whose spouse is married to medicine, and we are Medicine's "sister wives". We love our spouses but now realize their chosen profession requires many sacrifices on their part as well as ours. Perhaps we can provide the social and some emotional support to each other that they often cannot. And... perhaps learn to support our spouses in healthier ways -- for us too.

This group is open to all, male, female, straight, gay, transgender, liberal, conservative, secular, religious, whatever. Just be civil and check conflict inducing stuff at the door. We're here to support each other.

If your looking for romance, sex or a meal ticket, you are not welcome here.

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