What we're about

We help Virginia residents get IDs at no charge. We pay all related fees and costs.

We are the Alexandria Springfield Chapter of Spread The Vote and Project ID. We get people IDs so they can vote, get a job, get rent, get assistance, and have a voice.

We are looking for caring volunteers and anyone who wants to share a couple of hours each month to help us make a difference in people's lives, to empower them to get their life back on track, to get over the one hurdle that keeps them from getting a job and getting the help they need to become part of our society again.

It's not always easy to get an ID:
Imaging you lose your official identification documents and have hit a difficult patch in your life when everything becomes overwhelming and you are in financial distress.
When your single purpose is to survive and all your energy and will power is used up just trying to make it to the next day.
When dealing with the stress, anxiety and frustration of navigating the bureaucratic channels and complicated rules between State (Vital Records), VA DMV, and SSA requirements to gather all the documents required to qualify to get your ID, is simply just too much so you just give up.
When you walk around not counted because no ID means you can't get a job, and in some counties, you cannot get food stamps, and in others you cannot get into a shelter. And should you get into an accident and god forbid, you are in a coma, no one knows who you are and who your next of kin is.

We have had clients that have experienced all the above. Some fell ill and lost their job and their home. Some suffered anxiety or nervous breakdown when life hit them a tough blow that knocked them off their feet. Some lived in the street because they couldn't get into a shelter. Some that lived 6 or 10 years without an ID.

Yes, we helped many people with those conditions. Last November we volunteered to drive to the polls our clients and anyone that asked for a ride. We drove a number of people that had never voted before and some that had never voted in local elections. All were very excited and proud to have been finally given the opportunity to get their voice and vote heard. Everyone of us that had helped them vote that day felt that we were floating on cloud nine.

We have been working diligently for almost 2 years, helping clients get their IDs and in the process learning as much as possible how to overcome hurdles. Our chapter alone has given over 150 VA residents their IDs, and all our combined VA chapters have already provided over 500 VA residents IDs. Imagine how much more impact we can accomplish with more help.

Spread The Vote and Project ID are 501c3 non-partisan non-profit organizations working together and founded to help US residents get government issued IDs.

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