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This is a Meetup Group based in Spring Branch, Texas. A safe venue to discuss all things paranormal. A QHHT Session, including a Past Life Regression, has brought answers to many people who have questions regarding their own life. QHHT is based on the works of Dolores Cannon.

Every day, life goes on. Day after day after day. Each day leads to another with nothing significant ever happening. Or, does it? This Meetup is for those who have questions. Questions about life, where we came from, where we're going. Why do I have this or that trial or sickness that I'm going through? Why all the difficulties in life? And what about UFOs? Are they real? Why do I hear about them, but never see one? Have I ever been abducted by aliens? What is Past Life Regression and how would it affect my life? These are the questions that will be explored in our Meetups. Come and join us as like-minded individuals come together to question the reality of the world we live in and maybe regress to another time and place that is the most appropriate for the answers in which we search.

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See also: What is QHHT? (https://youtu.be/W2qaYCg_I8k)

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Disclosure Is Already Happening!!!

Beefy's On The Green

This event is for those who have a curiosity about the unknown world in which we live. Some have had alien encounters, others ghosts or shadow people. Whatever the reason, if you're just curious or you've had an experience, we invite you to come and see what it is all about.

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The Truth is Out There

Beefy's On The Green

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