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Saturday Futbol(insured players only) *8:00 start time*

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As this is a permitted field, you have paid the annual fee, and signed the waiver in order to play. There are no +1's allowed

By RSVP-ing "yes" you hereby state you have read the following stipulations and will abide by them. You must be at the field by 8:00 and ready to go by 8:15am for team selection. We are setting the RSVP limit to 24, 11 v 11 with 1 sub on each team. If are not ready after 8:15 or show up late, you will be punished in whatever way the coordinator sees fit to do so. Chronic tardiness will also be penalized as well.

If you have been "wait-listed" please check at 7:30am before the meet up time to see if you were bumped up to "RSVP Yes" (you then become liable if you were moved up from wait list before). If you don't show up at all and RSVP-ed "yes", you will be warned 3 times (this also will affect you if you have a +1 and that guest does not show up but you do) and after that every time I see your name on RSVP you will be put as a "no". I know this is an issue for some of you but please understand in all fairness we don't want a game of 14 v 14, and we have to be accountable when there is such a high demand to play.

We follow most standard FIFA rules however there is NO SLIDE TACKLING what so ever allowed or ground play, and you must bring proper footwear to play. If you do not bring the right cleats, you will not play. We also must pride ourselves to have a sportsmen-like attitude win or lose, those who do not, are not welcome to play. Following the rules of offences, organizers/coordinators will hand out yellow and red cards as needed to curb individuals from continued unsportsmanlike conduct and for violation of the FIFA/house rules. Yellow means warning, red means you're kicked off. You can accumulate yellows in back to back games, and 2 yellows in a game or in back to back games = a red card, in which you are banned for a game. However, if you get one yellow, and are able to avoid getting anymore for 2 weeks,the yellow card will go away on your record. More than 1 red card in a year will lead to harsher punishments, such as being banned for an indiscriminate amount of time. We do not tolerate players who think they are above the rules. We in this meetup understand about playing for both competitiveness and fun but we MUST maintain a sense of order.

You are expected to play from 9 - 11 those who leave early without prior warning will also be warned of their conduct and not be allowed to join if it continues. Also, you must be willing to sub and if you do not, you will be penalized. There are other players on the side and as a courtesy should let them play and they will return the favor

If you have any gripes about this, please message me and we can talk in further detail but in all likely-hood I will not make an exception to any of the items stated above.

*P.S. due to frequent last hour drop outs, we are instituting the 12AM rule that we use for sundays. If you are on the RSVP "yes" list and drop out after 12am on Saturday, you will be penalized. Wait listees please check at 7:30am on saturday to see if there are open slots or you were moved up to RSVP "yes" list*